Without a doubt, one of the saddest parts of going dairy free is that ice cream is no longer a part of your treat meals. Luckily for those who are DF, vegan is very en vogue and we didn’t have to search too far or wide to bring you the best frozen treats in London! Just keep in mind that just because something is dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegan, does not mean it’s super healthy… Most will still contain sugar so balance is key. Yup, there’s that B-word again!

Since we love indulging once in a while, we rounded up some of our favourites in the Big Smoke so you didn’t have to – we know that trying different gelatos regularly can get quite tiring (it’s a tough life)! Now we just have to try all of the flavours…

Gelateria Danieli
Shut. The. Front. Door. Is this stuff seriously dairy free!? We tried the dairy free chocolate sorbet at one of Gelateria Danieli’s three locations throughout London and were instantly transported to summer holidays on the Italian Riviera! We are beyond lucky to have one located just around the corner from our offices in Richmond so don’t be surprised if you see us enjoying a tasty treat on the green!

With five different locations in London, you have probably seen Snowflake while you’ve been out and about! And if you’re dairy free and vegan, they have plenty of amazing choices for you including Banoffee, Coconut and Peanut butter just to name a few! The gelato is so creamy that for a split moment you might forget that you’re eating dairy-free gelato. Definitely love at first bite!

Araw Ice Cream
London’s Maltby Street Market is often a great place to discover under the radar food companies making seriously good grub and upon our recent visit, we came across Araw Ice Cream which offers customers seeking something sweet artisan ice cream that’s all-natural and plant-based. Founder Keziah wanted to pay homage to her Filipino heritage with the name… Araw means “sun” or “day” and her flavours are also inspired by different cultures around the world. From Thai Tea-Ramisu to Roasted Banana with Tahini Fudge, this small batch brand is definitely worth saving your appetite for!

The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason
If you’re looking for a slightly elevated gelato experience, Fortnum’s The Parlour is the place to visit to make your own sundaes! Their Strawberry and Salted Caramel flavours are both fully vegan and they have some astonishingly tasty sorbets as well. Top with as many toppings as you can fit and you’ve got yourself a delicious summer treat to cool off with.

“Thick, rich and outrageously creamy” is DÁPPA’s motto when it comes to their vegan gelato. Their soft-serve gelato is blended from almonds and cashews which is the secret to that creamy texture they are so famous for. They have their own truck in Shoreditch’s Brick Lane but also have loads of partners that serve their ice cream all over London. Definitely add this to your list!

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