Without a doubt, one of the saddest parts of going dairy free is that ice cream is no longer a part of your treat meals. Luckily for those who are DF, dairy free and vegan is very en vogue and we didn’t have to search too far or wide to bring you the best frozen treats in London! Just keep in mind that just because something is dairy free, gluten free, or vegan, does not mean it’s super healthy… Most will still contain sugar so balance is key. Yup, there’s that B-word again!


Since we love indulging once in a while, we rounded up some of our favourites in the Big Smoke so you didn’t have to – we know that trying different gelatos regularly can get quite tiring (it’s a tough life)! Now we just have to try all of the flavours…


Gelateria Danieli
Shut. The. Front. Door. Is this stuff seriously dairy free!? We tried the dairy free chocolate sorbet at one of Gelateria Danieli’s three locations throughout London and were instantly transported to summer holidays on the Italian Riviera! We are beyond lucky to have one located just around the corner from our offices in Richmond so don’t be surprised if you see us enjoying a tasty treat on the green!


If you have been to the States, you know that frozen yogurt is a big deal. And by big deal, we mean HUGE. Thankfully, Yorica has entered the scene with their vegan frozen yogurt and ice cream! We love the chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt with an array of toppings (usually the brownies and chocolate sauce!). Not only is everything vegan, but also free from gluten and nuts!


With five different locations in London, you have probably seen Snowflake while you’ve been out and about! And if you’re dairy free and vegan, they have plenty of amazing choices for you including Banoffee, Coconut and Peanut butter just to name a few! The gelato is so creamy that for a split moment you might forget that you’re eating dairy free gelato. Definitely love at first bite!


This is perfect for when you want a treat that isn’t too sinful! Co-Fro might be free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars and soy but definitely not flavour…just pure happiness! It’s basically heaven in your mouth and you certainly don’t have to play devil’s advocate in order to have this tasty treat because it keeps a paleo diet in mind! Not to mention it is completely Instagram worthy. Just make sure you get a snap before it’s gone!

words by Nadia Liu