With the health and wellness industry veering towards a more holistic approach to wellbeing, there’s no surprise that beauty treatments have evolved in the same manner. A serious level-up from what was once known as a ‘spa treatment’, London is full of incredible holistic spa treatments for wellness enthusiasts to indulge in. With a focus on both the mind and body in equal measure, these are some of our favourite places to visit for an indulgent self-care session…

Acclaimed massage therapist, Sarah Jane Watson, is known for her healing touch. With over 20 years experience, Sarah is the epitome of peace and serenity, from her magically therapeutic hands to the calming tone of her voice. The SJW signature 90-minute treatment combines her wisdom of knowledge and teachings, with an ode to Swedish, Balinese, Hawaiian and Indian head massage techniques intertwined. A far cry away from formulaic massages, Sarah uses her intuition to gauge what your body is craving, allowing her hands to guide and read the tissues and tensions. Each and every SJW treatment is a one-off due to the changing nature of our unqiue bodies, there is no one size fits all! Using a whole-body wellness approch that engages both the mind and body, Sarah works synergistically from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head. Harnessing powerful aromatherapy blends to provide optimum therapeutic results, the treatment will encourage the release of both physical and emotional tension. The artistry of Sarah’s techniques will transport you to a new level relaxation, allowing you to let go of the things that no longer serve you, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

BEST FOR DEEP RELEASE…Cloud Twelve Signature CBD Oil Massage
Cloud Twelve provides the most tranquil setting for a holistic treatment and we couldn’t think of a more wellness-enhancing experience than their CBD massage. The Signature CBD Oil Massage works into the deep tissues, expect firm pressure, stretching and aromatherapy massage techniques to release any aches and pains the body is experiencing. Known for its myriad of health benefits including reducing inflammation, pain relief and aiding healing, CBD is the perfect component for a deep tissue massage. As the oil is worked into the body it nurtures both the mind and body through its remedial properties, and allows the therapists to work the muscles on a deeper level. Promoting fluidity within the body this treatment will leave you feeling instantly more agile and free from tension. It is worth noting that this massage works extremely deep into the muscles, and is by no means gentle, hence why it provides such effective results. The added element of Kloris’s CBD aids destressing and reducing anixety which is what makes it unique. If you’re someone who suffers from sore, achey muscles this is the must-try treatment for you. Ultising nourishing oils combined with invigorating massage techiques, Cloud Twelve’s Signature CBD Oil Massage is the ultimate body, mind and soul treatment.

BEST FOR RELAXATION…ilāpothecary Digital Detox Facial Therapy
We very quickly fell in love with ilāpothecary after discovering them and for very good reason. Combing Herbology, Naturopathy, Phyto-Actives and Homeopathy, ilāpothecary’s range of skin, body and home care products are designed to heal the body from within. Tucked in the back of their flagship store is a dreamy treatment room where their expert therapists make the magic happen. Providing an antidote to our digital orientated lifestyles, the Digital Detox Facial Therapy is a treatment most of us are in desparate need of. Whether you’re sat behind a computer all day, or like most, you’re guilty of exceeding your screen time limit, then this facial won’t disappoint. Focusing on the head, eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders and hands, the restorative treatment is designed to ease stressed and imbalances causes by the use of digital technology, environmental aggressors and city pollution. Using ilapothecary’s Warming Anti-Breakout Face Mask to combat the blue light let off by devices, Aura Day Cream to protect the skin and Digital Face Mist to rehydrate the skin, you’ll leave feeling refreshed with a glowing complexion. Adopting a tailored approach, the specialists at ilāpothecary let you take a quiz to interpret what scents and sounds to fill the treatment room with for an immersive, deeply relaxtion experience. 

BEST FOR SCULPTING…Ricari Studio’s Signature Face & Body Treatment at The NoMad Hotel
Giving Londoner’s a taste of the LA wellness scene, the newly refurbished NoMad hotel has partnered with Ricari Studios to give guests an elevated face and body treatment that unites science and soul. Ricari Studio’s signature face and body treatment gives you the full experience of what the innovative brand is all about. Where technology meets holistic practises, Ricari Studio’s are based on non-invasive treatments that provide intensive results. The silhouette-sculpting signature treatment boosts collagen production, revives circulation, facilitates lymphatic drainage, smooth cellulite and flush puffy inflammation, leaving you feeling instantly more toned and firm. A first to the UK, Ricari Studio’s machine uses vibrational rollers to deliver tissue stimulation in all directions, tailored to optimise beauty, wellness and recovery benefits. Starting with the lower body, working upwards to the face, the combination of draining, firming, and remodeling protocols, gives a revitalizing and rejuvenating sensation to every inch of the body. Enhanced by infrared therapy, aromatherapy and topped off with a facial sculpting massage using de Mamiel’s summer facial oil, this treatment is both high performance and soothing in equal meaures. This new-age beauty service takes place in one of NoMad’s deluxe rooms, and we must note the hotel is interior heaven! Ricari Studio’s signature face and body treatment is beloved for its multifaceted benefits, the noticeable glow and svelte physique will have you hooked…there is no wonder it’s loved by A-listers state side!

BEST FOR TOTAL BLISS…MASAJ Nº 1 Bodywork Treatment
From the second you step foot in MASAJ’s new wellness haven in Shoreditch, a welcoming sense of calmness enters the body and sets the scene for an indulgent hour of bliss. MASAJ’s ethos is built upon inclusivity and embracing the nuances and complexities of each beautiful human body. With that said, every treatment is profoundly curative and tailored to your body. MASAJ’s team of in-house massage therapists start by getting a thorough understanding of your body, any aches or pains you may be experiencing and generally an overview of how you’re feeling, so they can give you the best possible treatment. With a choice of their Studio Oils to pick from, you can see which scent you are most drawn to for your treatment, creating a bespoke experience from the get-go. Whether you’d like a particular focus on an area or simply go for the full-body, MASAJ go the extra mile to add thoughtful touches where they can, making your treatment that little bit more soothing. From the earthy aesthetic to the sustainable linens, the distinctive essential oil aromas that fill the space, and the laid-back ambience throughout, MASAJ have nailed the true meaning of holistic wellness. 

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