A youthful complexion is something we all strive for. Usually resembling plump, hydrated dewy skin, that elusive glow can often be tricky to achieve, especially during the cold, winter months. Constant changes in temperature from icy outdoor conditions to stuffy central heated offices can cause havoc on your skin and can make it become dry, dull and a lot less youthful!

Before we let you in on our little secret for gorgeous, glowing skin, here’s a quick dermatology lesson, which might be helpful. Good to brush up on the basics, right? Your skin is made up of three layers. First up, the Epidermis. This is the top layer of your skin and it’s responsible for creating new cells as well as acting as the protective barrier. Next is the Dermis. This is the big dog when it comes to your skin. It has a lot to do! Just some of its responsibilities include producing sweat, making hair, creating oil and it also has a lot of nerve endings so you can feel when something is itchy or sore. The final layer is Subcutaneous Fat. This connects the dermis to your muscles and bones and also helps to control your body temperature.

What is the thing that holds all of this together? It’s a little something called collagen. Collagen plays a key role in helping our skin look firm, plump and most definitely youthful. When we’re young, we have an abundance of it but as we age, our levels tend to deplete. The drop off point is usually around age 25. Eeek! This decline results in less support for our skin and creates a saggy, wrinkly complexion, which is something many of us desperately try to avoid!

However, something we want to touch on in this article aside from it’s beautifying advantages is collagen’s less-known benefits. Mainstream, it may be associated with fillers and “magic” facial creams but in reality, it’s hugely important for our overall wellbeing, not just our skin. Our muscles, tendons, blood vessels and bones need collagen to maintain suppleness, vitality and strength. It’s the glue the holds our bodies together, inside and out.

On to our secret for gorgeous, glowing skin… We’ve recently discovered Ellactiva, an innovative brand providing a range of sugar-free collagen soft chews perfect for on-the-go. These guys not only understand the importance of collagen for our inner and outer well-being, but also our desire for convenience and ease of taking supplements on a daily basis.

Ellactiva’s Collagen& Range is perfectly suited to those looking for a hassle-free, incredibly effective way to boost their overall health. Coming in three different varieties, Collagen&Immunity, Collagen&HealthyBones and Collagen&Energy, this winter season couldn’t be a better time to tune into your bodies and give it the support it really needs.

Ellactiva is proud to provide 2500mg of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® per daily dose (3 chews), which they claim is the optimum amount for visible and noticeable results in just four weeks. Not forgetting that these results go beyond skin deep. Collagen is great for repairing muscles and supporting healing within the body, too. It’s been a secret recovery tool for many world-class athletes to aid their recovery during training and competition and it’s definitely a nutrient that we shouldn’t be underestimating.

Here’s an overview of the range so you can discover which variety might best suit your individual needs…

Ellactiva Collagen Soft Chews

As well as featuring Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, Collagen& Immunity is deliciously juicy, blackcurrant-flavoured soft chews that uniquely combine inulin fibre, plus zinc, selenium and Vitamin C to help support the normal functioning of the immune system, whilst giving skin a youthful and radiant appearance.

Fuelled with high levels of Vitamin C to help maximise collagen synthesis, and with added calcium and Vitamin D, these deliciously creamy, caramel-flavoured soft chews support bone health by combating the deterioration of bone strength. The inherent Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, meanwhile continue to promote the skin’s firmness, elasticity and ultimate glow.

These deliciously zingy, orange-flavoured soft chews, formulated with Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, are a highly effective and readily absorbable form of collagen. Fuelled with high levels of Vitamin C to help maximize collagen synthesis and contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, soluble fibres, resistant starch and chromium picolinate help maintain glucose levels in the blood. Nourishing from within to boost skin firmness and elasticity, they reduce hunger cravings and deliver sustained energy.

At this time of year, we’ve definitely opted for Collagen&Immunity. Colds and viruses are floating around every corner and we want to make sure our bodies have all the nutrients it needs to stay fighting fit. In the New Year, Collagen&Energy might be a great choice for you if your body needs a post-party boost. An ideal way to kick off a new working year with strength and stamina!

Whatever variety you choose, you can feel assured that Ellactiva has got your health and wellbeing covered so you can go about your lives with that helping hand supporting you every step of the way.

Available online at Ellactiva.co.uk – Pack of 60 Chews – £29.99

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