It’s the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to celebrate it, than by going to a lovely Christmas market in London? London is one of the most beautiful cities around this time of year and the markets will be brimming with festive decorations, comforting food and Christmas spirit. We’ve gathered the top Christmas markets for you, so all you’ll have to do is pick one and have a wonderful time!

Southbank Centre Wintertime Market
November 19th – December 27th
This lovely market is filled with traditional wooden huts, glowing fairy lights and lots of Christmas spirit! Enjoy a day at the market, eat all the lovely street food and explore it all to get into a festive mood. The stalls will also include pottery, sweets, lanterns and much more. Besides this, the markets will also include magnificent Christmas shows and workshops, and for the kids, there will be dancing and theatrical shows. 

Christmas in Leicester Square
November 9th – January 6th
The Christmas market in Leicester Square will be opening this year for the third time and will guarantee at least, if not more, Christmas spirit this year! It runs through November and December and won’t end until January 6th so you’ll have plenty of time to get out and explore it! The market is situated in the heart of central London and will be easy to reach by tube. The market will be full of Christmassy stalls including food, drink and much more! And pssst… We’ve heard Santa Claus is coming to town!  

Christmas by the River
November 29th – January 2nd
The banks of the River Thames will once again be home to a magical Christmas market! The riverside is beautiful at any season, but there’s something quite special about it being lit up by fairy lights and people in good spirits. At the market, you’ll find all the usual Christmas suspects, delicious food, festive handmade decorations etc. Enjoy a lovely day by the riverside and enjoy a nice, warm cup of mulled wine while you stroll around the beautiful market and take in some of London’s greatest attractions like Tower Bridge and Tower of London!

Doggy Style Christmas Market
December 9th
Christmas is a time to celebrate festive and cozy moments with your loved ones. So why not celebrate it with man’s best friend? Our four-legged, fuzzy friends – Dogs! Spend a day with your furry best friend and spoil that little one to the max. Doggy style is a huge indoor market for both dogs and their owners and will be filled with lovely treats, accessories for your dog! Besides this you’ll also find a pet portrait artist where you’ll be able to get your lovely little companion captured for life!

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
November 22nd– January 6th
At the famous Winter Wonderland, you’ll not only experience ice-skating, family shows and carousels, but also a charming and buzzing Christmas market! With more than 200 wooden chalets you’ll be guaranteed the ultimate Christmas experience with everything from Christmas decorations, handmade crafts, live music and delicious street food and drinks. This year you’ll also experience new attractions like Peter Pan on Ice, Ice Sculpting Workshops and much more. Grab your loved ones and have a great time walking in a winter wonderland!

words by Amalie Luther