words by writer and make-up artist, Claire Mazik

With major players in the cosmetic industry jumping on the band wagon of late there has been a huge move towards and demand for more natural organic products and ingredients. So here’s a few reasons go natural… Natural brands are more likely to be ethically responsible, often being vegan or at the very least vegetarian society approved, meaning the lack of ingredients such as carmine –(red pigment from the crushed female cochineal insect)! A lack of or huge reduction in ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, mineral oil and fragrance, which have all come under fire for the possibility of being carcinogenic, causing hormone imbalances or ageing the skin to name but a few dastardly deeds. Our tip for going more natural?  Check the ingredients, if you can’t pronounce it,  don’t use it!

Here’s a few of our favourites to get you going…

INIKA – Certified Organic, Vegan, Halal and Cruelty free

Primer £29.50 – provides a skin conditioning even base and really grabs on to the foundation for a perfect lasting finish.

Top tip: Allow to soak in before applying foundation.

Liquid Foundation SPF 15 £29.50 – Creamy and lightweight on the skin but can be built up for more coverage. Naturally water resistant. Contains tamanu oil, which aids skin with scarring pigmentation and sunburn.

Top tip: If needs be buy two shades and mix together for absolute perfect skin match.

You can buy it at John Lewis.

Dr Hauschka – Biodynamic, 100% natural ingredients. No product or any ingredients tested on animals.

Pressed Powder £19.95 – Ultra fine powder that glides on for a natural matte finish. Silk powder and rose petal extract reduces shine and soothes the skin

Bronzing Powder £22.95 – Glides on seamlessly and provides a gentle sun kissed glow to any skin tone.

Top tip: Sweep check bones, temples and under chin for beautiful subtle contour

Essential Care – Soil Association certified Organic. RSPCA Business awards cosmetics winner 2006. Locally sourced wherever possible, fair trade, sustainable and renewable resources.

Eye shadow Palette (EARTH) £34.50 – A mixture of refillable matte and shimmery shadows with a strong colour pay off  perfect for a variety of  beautiful subtle or dramatic long lasting  looks.

Concealer £17.50 (launches mid august) –  Creamy and rich, effortlessly covers blemishes and marks with a host of skin soothing goodies including sea buckthorn and calendula.

Top Tip: Warm on the back of your hand first then build up application for the perfect finish.

Organic Glam (The Organic Pharmacy) – free from artificial preservatives and fragrances, uses herbal extracts and antioxidants to enhance the skin.

Blusher £25.96 – Available in 2 skin brightening gentle shades to lift and liven any complexion

Top tip: Use a firmer brush for a stronger application.