Longevity is the buzzword for 2024 and for good reason. We’ve all heard the saying – “it’s the life in our years, not the years in life that count” and whilst that is certainly true, surely we are all striving for happy, fulfilled, healthy lives that are long as well. But with so many wellness hacks, apps and tracking devices it’s hard to know what is right for you and who to trust. One brand that is cutting through all the noise is Goodwood, in West Sussex. Off the back of their very successful Gut Health Retreats (they also offer Menopause focused retreats too), they’ve just released their very own Active Longevity Retreat set to redefine how we age. We caught up with the experts who created the programme to learn what some of their non-negotiable health habits are and their unique and proven approach to turning back the clock when it comes to our health.

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The Wellness Guru: Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Moore, a gut health expert, author and celebrity nutritionist, drew on her wealth of experience to create Goodwood’s Active Longevity Retreat. Using science-backed techniques such as proprioception, your body’s ability to sense movement, action, and location (one test of this is standing up from sitting cross legged without using your hands), foods that have been proven to boost cellular rejuvenation and gut-health hacks, Stephanie has honestly created what can be one of the most transformative retreats out there (and I’ve seen a lot). Stephanie herself has a better metabolic age and health now at 58 then she did at 28!

The Ayurvedic Expert: Dr. Sam Watts
Founder of Mind Body Medical, Dr. Sam Watts is the lead Ayurvedic consultant at Goodwood. He brings a breadth of knowledge to the retreat through his experience at his busy West Sussex practice and the years of work he’s done with cancer research at the Department of Primary Care at the University of Southampton, where he completed his PhD.

Wake Up Earlier
Both Stephanie and Sam wake up at the crack of dawn (around 5.45am to be precise). Stephanie explains that it is really important for our circadian rhythms that we are up and making contact with daylight within the first 90 minutes of sunrise. You don’t need to be outside – light through a window is absolutely fine, your retina just needs to connect with the light – this will then kick start your internal body clock and will have an impact on everything from your energy levels to your sleep.

Drink Warm Water with Salt First Thing 
Stephanie recommends drinking between 1-2 pints of warm water with grated ginger, a pinch of salt and some lemon in it to replenish our bodies when we wake up. The added salt makes the water more like that in our cells and therefore helps hydrate the body much more efficiently. 

Invest in Great Quality Coffee (and add cream not oat milk)
Intermittent fasting or time restricted eating has been proven to offer the body lots of benefits. Stephanie likes to keep her body in this state by having a coffee which has been shown not to raise blood sugar levels, but instead of drinking it straight, she likes to add double cream to it. Contrary to what you might think, double cream is largely fat and therefore also does not increase blood sugar levels and keeps the body in a fasting state. 

Reverse Aging with Kayakalpa
Dr Sam Watts introduced me to the concept of Kayakalpa and honestly it has been life changing! Rooted in an ancient system for total body rejuvenation, Kayakalpa originated in India and consists of a series of customised therapy sessions, herbal and mineral supplements, breathing practices, dietary guidelines, and daily living recommendations. Kayakalpa has been proven to quite literally reverse aging in those who practice and Dr Sam Watts has seen it time and time again in his clinic. In fact so brilliant is this ancient Indian tradition that Sam says it can reverse aging between 15 and 22 years – and that is the rule with this not the exception! I suspect we will be hearing lots more about herbal medicine and Kayakalpa over the coming years as this proven wellness trend is only just beginning to emerge here in the west. 

Enthusiasm and Purpose is Key
“The body takes its cue from the mind” explains Dr Sam Watts. It is the difference between having a reason for living as opposed to just not wanting to die. Sam explains that “it doesn’t have to mean building a multi-million pound business, it can be looking after your grandkids”, the important thing is that it is something that gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Dr Sam Watt’s Top Anti-Aging Herbs: Rasayanic 
Rasayanas are herbal medicines that strengthen, protect and revitalise the body. In fact, the literal translation of a Rasayana is “that which destroys ageing and disease”. They include: Ashwagandha, Alma, Brahmi and Turmeric

To book onto Goodwood’s Active Longevity Retreat or for more information visit Goodwood’s Website here.

SPECIAL Hip & Healthy Active Longevity Taster Day

May 23rd, £80pp – Goodwood Estate

Book here.

10am – 11am Facial Scanner, products and sculpting session

The skin analyser clinically measures the surface of the skin using state-of-the-art digital imagery, combined with artificial intelligence and image analysis. Multispectral photos of the face, examining the complexion of fine lines and wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, porphyrins, UV spots, moisture and pigmentation. Therapists will guide you on the best skin care plan and how to benefit from a Gua sha to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow.

11am Gut Health and Longevity Talk

Our Resident nutritionist talk you through the latest science behind increasing your health span as well as your lifespan. This multidisciplinary approach that combines with the science of Gut Health is filled with practical strategies and lifestyle modifications to optimise your vitality and resilience as you age.

12pm -13pm Lunch

Enjoy a two-course delicious Gut Health lunch, using the organic produce from Goodwood’s Home Farm. Lunch will be in the Farmer Butcher Chef, our exciting, flagship restaurant located just yards from Home Farm. It is the final stage in a unique process dedicated not only to showcasing our meat in terms of flavour, quality and provenance, but also to achieving the very best yield from our livestock.

13:30pm – 14:30pm Estate Breath Walk

A breath walk on the Goodwood Estate offers not only physical exercise but also a mental and spiritual retreat, allowing you to recharge and find balance in the midst of your busy life. It’s a simple yet profound experience that reminds you of the healing power of nature and the importance of taking moments to pause, breathe, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

14:30pm – 15pm Mother Root Mocktail and Goodie Bag

To end your day with us all will be treated to a delightful Mother Root Mocktail as you collect your curated goodie bags to take home