As winter takes hold, the toll it exacts on my skin becomes increasingly apparent – from the biting cold winds outdoors to the dehydrating embrace of indoor heating. The convergence of these harsh weather conditions and artificial warmth strips away the natural moisture, rendering my skin dry, taut, and exceptionally sensitive. The delicate nature of our skin, especially on the face, turns the winter season into a delicate juggling act to maintain balance and equilibrium. This time of year truly tests the resilience of the skin barrier, prompting me to rely on a curated arsenal of wellness essentials to sustain my radiant glow. From revitalising skincare formulations to transformative supplements and radiant-enhancing makeup, my toolkit embodies the essence of self-care. To me, confidence in one’s skin is a reflection of both inner and outer self-love. My go-to glow-getting essentials weave together the best of nature, science, and self-care, unlocking the secrets to a luminous complexion.

Understanding that my best appearance aligns with feeling good on the inside, I also have a few “topical” tricks up my sleeve. These serve as additional support to the internal care I prioritise, working synergistically to enhance my overall glow.

The Serum

My current favourite serum is the BEAUTY PIE Youthbomb 360 Radiance Concentrate. Crafted over two-and-a-half years of extensive research and development, this serum delivers a radiant boost to the skin. It features the exclusive Biolog-Elastic(TM) Complex, a blend of 15 active ingredients designed to firm, resurface, brighten, tighten, hydrate, and provide an unmatched glow. This proprietary blend includes a potent Phyto Extract for moisturizing and soothing effects, a synthetic Hexapeptide known for its skin brightening and antioxidant properties, a Marine Active rich in proteins and Exopolysaccharides for reinforcing skin integrity and elasticity, Active Marine Biotechnology to recharge and firm the skin, and an elastic oat-derived molecule for immediate firming. What sets this serum apart is its focus on replicating the ‘wow effect’ of a dermatologist’s office, prioritising luminosity over conventional anti-ageing methods. It has become an essential part of my daily skincare routine, giving me the radiant boost I need each morning. I like to think of it as my perk-up elixir! 

As a BEAUTY PIE member, you can enjoy a generous 75% discount on this high-performance serum, making it an invaluable addition to any skincare collection. If you’re not sure where to start or what type of skincare to choose, then try their free quiz which will guide you towards the products that’ll suit you best! It’s worth doing particularly if you’re a first-time user but really anyone would benefit from a little helping hand! You can currently get a cheeky £20 off using the code 20OFF. You’re welcome! 

The Supplement

WelleCo, a frontrunner in the realm of ingestible beauty and wellness, has unveiled its latest gem: The Evening Elixir. This revolutionary formula is designed to enhance your beauty while you sleep, promoting relaxation and providing deep nourishment to your skin from within. If you’re anything like me and you love something chocolate-y and sweet before bed, then you’ll love this “beauty-in-a-mug” hot chocolate! The Evening Elixir, is crafted with natural Vitamin C from Acerola superfruit to promote collagen production and Niacin for maintaining skin health. Additionally, Magnesium supports normal nervous system and muscle function, while a harmonious blend of Passionflower, Chamomile, Lavender, and Lemon Balm ensures effortless relaxation and rejuvenation. With its decadent cocoa and cacao flavours minus any bitterness, this indulgent elixir helps you unwind and elevate your glow, serving as a delightful 13-calorie treat after dinner to kickstart your unique evening ritual.

The Highlight

Merit Day Glow has been a game-changer in my makeup stash because it offers a multifunctional product (love anything multifunctional) that adds a healthy dose of glow to my complexion, especially needed on days when I’ve been up all night with the kids! This lightweight, cream-based highlighter is designed to provide a subtle yet luminous glow, imparting a healthy, dewy finish to the complexion. Infused with nourishing ingredients like plant-derived squalane and hydrating jojoba oil, it not only adds a touch of shimmer but also helps to moisturize and soften the skin. Its versatile formula can be applied to the high points of the face for a youthful, lit-from-within look, or mixed with foundation for an all-over luminosity. With its easy-to-blend texture and buildable coverage, Merit Day Glow is the perfect addition to any beauty routine, effortlessly elevating your natural beauty with a radiant glow.

The Mask

In winter, your skin can often feel tight and dry, no thanks to environmental aggravators. In my routine, a mask is a true skin saviour that takes hydration to a whole new level. The Ritual of Namaste Sheet Mask by Rituals is my top choice for a luxurious and rejuvenating skincare experience. Infused with natural ingredients inspired by ancient Eastern traditions, this sheet mask is designed to nourish, hydrate, and revitalize the skin. Formulated with a potent blend of sacred lotus flower, saffron flower, and holy basil, it provides a burst of hydration while promoting a radiant complexion. The mask’s innovative design adheres closely to the contours of the face, ensuring maximum absorption of its powerful ingredients. Whether used as a weekly indulgence or as part of a daily skincare ritual, the Ritual of Namaste Sheet Mask delivers visible results, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, supple, and luminous.

The Tool

A proper pamper routine always involves an LED light mask! It’s an extra step I don’t do every day but when I have a bit of extra time on the weekends, I whip this bad boy out. The Boost LED Mask by The Light Salon represents a cutting-edge innovation in skincare technology, offering users a convenient and effective way to achieve radiant, youthful-looking skin. Utilising a combination of red and near-infrared LED lights, this mask penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve overall skin tone and texture. Designed with user comfort in mind, the mask is lightweight and adjustable, making it suitable for all face shapes and sizes. Its sleek and modern design adds a touch of luxury to any skincare routine, while its clinically proven results make it a must-have tool for anyone seeking glowing, rejuvenated skin.

words by Sadie Reid