This little post is dedicated to those of you who are starting a new fitness class or regime this New Year! We think you’ll be able to relate!

10 things you think when you try a new fitness class!


1 – “Ultimate Shred. Death Ride. The Crusher… Don’t they have like… a ‘Mild Mile?’ ‘


2 – The moment you click the “reserve” button for a new fitness class, your minds start racing.

“OMG, what if I can’t do this?!”

“OMG, what if my trainer is hot?!”

“OMG, what if I can’t do this AND my trainer is hot!?!?”


3 – You got there 15 minutes early per request but sign in took only 2. You have a whole 13 minutes of waiting either A. in the restrooms, redoing your pony tail 6 different times to waste time or B. in the studio nervously stretching, wondering if you can somehow sneak out before class starts


4 –  You get to the locker room, and lock your things in the swanky lockers no prob. $@*! You forgot your water bottle in there. Double $@*! You forgot your code. Oh no. Class starts in two minutes. “Pleeease don’t say anything when I walk in 30 seconds late!”


5 – You start class and wonder if it’s normal to start sweating during the warm up…


6 – For the first 30 minutes, you figure you’ve picked an extra difficult day.


7 – Once that 30 minutes is up, you’re warm, you’re ready, you’re vibing, you ARE superwoman.


8 – You actually, physically, noticeably, literally LOL when the trainer tells you to take your tread mill up to 18.5KMPH. Similarly when the spin sergeant tells you to “ADD FOUR TURNS TO THAT DIAL!” Is this serious?


9 – You consider using a lifeline when you’re at your weakest point. The incline is on 10%, you’re on round 6/8, and you’re doing your 234th bicycle crunch…“I’d like to phone a friend, please!”


10 – You’re finally home and wonder if it’s normal that you’re still sweating but you click reserve anyway and only halfway regret it.

words by Nadia Liu