We have all become increasingly aware of the importance of our gut health on our overall health. After much research gut health is now recognised as a critical factor in maintaining optimal overall health, and its importance extends beyond just digestive well-being. The human gut is home to trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes, collectively known as the gut microbiota. Maintaining a healthy balance of these microorganisms is crucial for various aspects of health. From immune support to brain function, skincare to mental health our guts have been heralded with healing powers we never knew they had. But what if I told you that as well as all that, the secret to a better menopause also lies in the health of your gut? Studies have now shown that your gut is also responsible for managing and balancing hormones, and more specifically metabolising oestrogen. This means that our gut microbiome can directly impact how we experience perimenopause and menopause. It was upon learning this information that Nutritional Therapist, Joanna Lyall, decided to create The Better Gut – the first probiotic to be specifically formulated to optimise the gut health of women during midlife to help alleviate many of the menopause’s unwanted side effects. 

How are The Gut and The Menopause Linked?

During perimenopause, oestrogen levels can change dramatically, leading to a decrease in enzymes and bacterial diversity in the oh-so-important estrobolome (a collection of bacteria in the gut that plays a key role in processing and modulating oestrogen). These shifts can bring about familiar menopausal symptoms, such as: IBS flare ups, bloating, hot flushes, weight gain, mood changes, brain fog, energy dips and more. Estrobolme play a pivotal role in determining the balance of oestrogen, ensuring that it is broken down and eliminated efficiently and therefore, the better management of our oestrogen the better we feel during menopause. This is where The Better Gut comes in – and you may need to start taking it before you think.

What is The Better Gut?
The Better gut is a probiotic specifically formulated to support the gut health of women in perimenopause and menopause. Backed by leading menopause expert, Dr Shahzadi Harper and containing a potent blend of 6 bacteria chosen specifically for their science based evidence in optimising the gut health of women in midlife, The Better Gut is highly concentrated (it contains around 50 billion CFU), so you can expect to feel results quickly. It is super easy to take as it’s just the one capsule a day, plus it does not need to be refrigerated making it easy to take on the go too.

Who Needs to Take The Better Gut?

Although created to help women to better deal with their menopausal symptoms, your hormones can start changing in your mid-thirties. So, to ensure that your gut health is in the best possible position to be able to support any oestrogen fluctuations it may encounter, you can start taking it from the age of 35+ to give your body the helping hand it needs. Women who take it have reported feeling results within weeks, citing things like reduced bloating, better energy, better sleep amongst some of the amazing positive effects that the supplement has had on them. If you are in menopause due to medical intervention or cancer treatment you can take it from any age to tackle menopause symptoms.

What The Better Gut Customers Are Saying:

From celebrities like Cherry Healey to Editors and even Doctors, The Better Gut has had a huge seal of approval from the industry and customers alike, and their customer testimonials speak for themselves.

“After only 5 weeks my energy levels have returned to pre-menopause levels and my sleep is so much better. I wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead” Louise 43

“It’s early days but already my bowels feel much more regular” Charlotte 48

“My bloating has completely disappeared”Jane 52

“Before I started on The Better Gut I looked about 6 months pregnant and now after just one month my stomach is so much flatter” Lisa 45

“I am 56 and have tried every supplement going to help with troublesome symptoms. I decided to give these a try…I have been taking them for around 3 week’s now and really happy to say that my sleep , mood and bloating have all started showing signs of improving ! so would definitely recommend trying these to all peri & menopausal women”  Debbie

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