There’s a reason they say ‘go with your gut’ given that your gut not only plays a part in digestion but is also responsible for immune function, skin health, hormone regulation and mental health. All of which are factors that we start to notice symptoms flaring up. From the breakouts, the moodiness and the sniffles that come following the festive period. 

With more and more health conditions being linked to an imbalance of the microbiome, we are starting to understand the reason why it is so important to keep our gut in tip-top condition. 

The recipes for week 4’s “The Gut Reset”, are all about building up beneficial gut bacteria in our microbiome whilst also promoting smooth, regular and comfortable digestion. Accompanied by regular movement from your Silver Linings workouts, mindful activities and your excitement of what’s ahead this year – your digestive system is imperative to our overall health.

Getting to the bottom of your digestive imbalances can be so fascinating. Digestive health goes beyond bowel movements – in my clinic my clients will often choose to undergo functional testing where we can get to the nitty gritty uncovering potential imbalances in bacteria or problematic pathogens that are driving symptoms.