Amongst Canary Wharf’s new wellness department is Le Chalet Cryo, the newly named Cryotherapy Centre of the Year. Cryotherapy, new wellbeing treatment that is taking the industry by storm, is used to enhance sports recovery, reduce inflammation and prevent injuries. It also has a ton of health benefits including improved blood circulation, mood and sleep, strengthening the immune system and rejuvenating the skin, helping to promote collagen production and reduce fine lines. In a 3-minute cryotherapy session, you can burn up to 800 calories due to cold thermogenesis. The body responds to extreme cold by boosting up the metabolism to warm up, burning energy and glucose to generate heat.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

The Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment is what Le Chalet Cryo is renowned for! For 3 mins you will stand inside an electrically temperature-controlled room which, using cold & dry air, will expose your whole body to temperatures down to -90C. It is important that the whole body including the head is exposed to the extreme temperatures to get the best results. Brutal and intense, the cryotherapy treatment is not for the fainted heart but if you are up for it, the results are insane! Used by pro athletes worldwide as well as being used to treat injuries, Whole Body Cryotherapy is an amazing way to boost your health.

What We Thought Of It…

Although it sounds daunting, the experience really is not too bad at all and I would highly recommend. You leave with such a clear-headed, fresh feeling! Plus you can play whatever music you like whilst enduring the 3 mins, so if you want to pump some party tunes and have a jump around to keep warm, you can (this is what I did and it really helped)! The night of the treatment, I found I had the most peaceful, deep sleep…it honestly made me feel a new level of relaxed. Being a fitness junkie myself, my muscles are always a little sore and I am constantly suffering with DOMs. I found the cryo massively helped with this and left my muscles feeling rejuvenated and rested.


Luminotherapy is an optical and sound stimulation, which works by allowing inactive cells in the brain to be activated through the exposure to artificial light. Light therapy affects different chemicals and different cells in the brain responsible for our mood, sleep and various psychological conditions together with expanding your consciousness and creativity. The luminotherapy uses alpha, beta, theta and delta wavelengths to entrain the bioelectric activity of the brain, achieving different states of mind. The different wavelength frequencies have effects ranging from cellular regeneration to aiding chronic pain. 

What We Thought Of It…

Luminotherapy is like nothing I have ever experienced, the only way I can really describe it is ‘all-consuming’. Your mind is taken to new places that it has never been before, it is as if it is opening unexplored pockets of your brain through light! It is an immensely relaxing experience which almost sends you to sleep! Once you put on the glasses and headphones, you become completely unaware of time as you are transported into a parallel universe.

Dry Hydro Massage

The Dry Hydro Massage uses powerful jets to target specific areas of the body and give a deep massage. 15 minutes of massage on the Dry Hydro bed can improve blood circulation and stimulates metabolism, vitalises and provides a significant improvement in your physical and mental wellbeing. What is also great is that it is super efficient as you do not need to change your clothes or shower after, you can be in and out in literally 15 minutes.

What We Thought Of It…

The Dry Hydro Massage was one of the highlights of my visit to Le Chalet Cryo, who doesn’t love a massage? With 13 different massage programs with an emphasis on different body regions, I was able to switch it up during the treatment to what I fancied which I found great. It was also a whole new experience getting massage whilst lying on my back which I found very relaxing. The Dry Hydro Massage really helped to relieve the lactic acid which was build up in my muscles from exercise which left me feeling refreshed and refuelled!

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