I have been a runner for most of my adult life now, having fallen in love with it when I went to University. In the same breath though I must tell you that I am in no way a “good” runner. I plod along for as long as I can manage but ask me my personal best and I simply wouldn’t know, as for the distance, I rarely log it. For me running is all about how well I feel, not how well I do. I have said it time and time again but it is my mental health that most benefits from clocking up the miles. Especially since I have started working from home in the countryside, running has helped focus my mind whilst I am at my desk and the fresh air and change of scenery helps me feel less anxious and stressed – I am sure of it. 

I am not a fair-weather runner either and a bit of ice, sleet or snow won’t put me off lacing up and getting out the door but I know for many, especially those who only recently discovered the joys of running, it can be an adjustment. So I wanted to share the absolute must-have winter running items that will have you heading for the park or the trails or the pavements in no time. 

What To Wear


They stay in your ears and absolutely help the miles fly by if you listen to a great playlist or podcast (see below for some suggestions). 

Apple Watch

Although I am not big on personal bests or tracking my splits, I love seeing how far I have come quite literally and the Apple Watch helps measure that for me. Also, it’s like a mini control centre allowing me to take calls, change tracks and even schedule reminders as I run.

Running Gilet

The humble gilet offers more than just warmth in the winter month – it also offers pockets (and a bit of protection from any slips you might encounter). I love this simple black one from New Look. There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on a piece of kit like this.

The Leggings: Ronhill Women’s Tech Revive Stretch Tight- Green

Machine washable, reflective and stretchy – these leggings will see you through to spring. The side pocket is also incredibly useful for those who need to have their phone on them at all times (basically anyone with a child!).

The Top: Ronhill Women’s Tech Afterhours 1/2 Zip Tee-Green

I love a matchy-matchy run outfit – so team this top with your leggings. Called “Afterhours” because of how highly reflective it is – it is perfect for the shorter days.

What Podcasts To Listen To:

Post-Winter Run Warmers I Love:

One of the best bits about winter running is the post-run self-care ritual. Mine is all about getting into a hot bath with oils and salts and following that some uber-comfy clothes starting with a slipper!