You asked the questions, we took them to the experts! Whether you’re struggling with the winter blues, want to learn how to boost your wellbeing in time for spring or simply crave a boost of energy to get you through these short winter days, we’ve teamed up with Nourished, the innovators of personalised gummy vitamins (that taste as good as they look!) to help answer your winter wellness questions.

“What supplements are good for supporting immunity for someone who is diabetic?” 
On average, gummy vitamins found on the high street can contain up to 8g of sugar per serving, which is counterintuitive when looking to put something into your body to improve your health. That’s one of the reasons why when I started Nourished, we made sure all our gummies were completely sugar-free from the outset.  

There are a variety of supplements you can consume to help support your immune system, such as Beta Glucan, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, C and E. Our Inner Defence Life Stack has been specifically formulated to help protect the body’s natural immune system with clinically proven minerals, superfoods and vitamins; all 3D printed in our delicious and sugar-free gummy formula! 

“Why do I feel tired during the winter even when I’m getting good sleep?” 
During the winter we tend to be exposed to less sunlight than any other time during the year, which significantly decreases the amount of Vitamin D our bodies are intaking. A recent study highlighted how 74% of the population had below optimum levels of Vitamin D, despite the NHS recommending we supplement this vital vitamin during the winter months. Vitamin D helps to maintain bone and muscle health but can also boost energy levels, which when low, can result in feeling more tired. There are also other supplements that you can incorporate into your vitamin regime to help to reduce fatigue alongside Vitamin D such as 5-HTP, which has been found to positively improve the quality of your sleep.  

“How do I know my immune system is healthy and functioning well?”
One way of identifying the health of your immune system is by analysing your T-cell count, which you can do by visiting your GP and taking a blood test. T-cells are white killer cells whose job is to track down and fight against infections and foreign invaders in your body. There are natural ways you can increase your T-cell count by supplementing Vitamin D, consuming foods high in Folic Acid, protein and healthy fats such as beans, soy, leafy greens and tomatoes. Studies have shown that green tea, dried papaya and garlic increase their production too.  

“How important is it to maintain a healthy diet alongside supplements?” 
It is vital to maintain a healthy diet alongside your nutrition regime to help provide your body with key micronutrients from a variety of food groups including carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy and fat.  

However, it can be challenging to incorporate this range of food into our daily diet consistently in today’s fast-paced society. Supplementing certain vitamins, minerals and superfoods is an effective way of ensuring your body gets everything it needs to help you feel and look your best! At Nourished we believe everyone is unique and their vitamin regime should be too; so we provide bespoke blends of active ingredients depending on the individual’s lifestyle, goals and diet.   

“Does exercise improve the immune system or weaken it?”
Alongside supplementing your body with vitamins and nutrients, it’s to no one’s surprise that a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise all play a part in leading a healthy lifestyle. The NHS states how it is medically proven that exercise can help your body fight against illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, bowel cancer, breast cancer, depression and dementia.  

It is generally believed among athletes that the immune system becomes stronger through strenuous activity because exercise puts strain on the body. The wisest thing to do would be to take it easy while recovering so that the immune response can rebuild itself even stronger than before. 

“How can I boost my energy but not affect my sleep?” 
By incorporating supplements into your nutrition regime that contain natural ingredients such as CoQ10, Ginseng, Iron, Maca Powder and Vitamin B12, you can help to positively increase energy levels without negatively harming your sleep.  

Regular exercise for just 30 minutes a day can also help to increase your energy levels and improve your sleep, whilst also supporting your mental health.  

“I’m struggling with concentration. What can I do to boost productivity?”
If you are looking to improve your cognitive function, then adding the natural herb Ashwagandha Extract to your vitamin regime can be hugely impactful. For hundreds of years, this has been used in ancient medicine to help relieve stress, enhance memory and boost energy levels. Research has also shown how this powerful superfood can improve concentration levels too. 

Additionally, Ginseng, Iron, Scuttle’Up, Tart Cherry and Vitamin D have been found to improve cognitive functions. By visiting the lab at get-nourished.com, you can build your own personalised Nourished stack incorporating these high impact active ingredients to give your brain a boost!  

“How can I tell if I have inflammation in my body?” 
A tried and tested way of analysing inflammation is to look at your diet. There are certain types of foods that can cause inflammation when consumed, so it’s best to avoid foods such as baked goods and ones containing margarine. 

Certain active ingredients also have strong anti-inflammatory properties such as Cordyceps, Zinc and HT-BPL1 and incorporating these into your nutrition regime can actively help to reduce inflammation.  

“Are there any supplements that can help to balance hormones?”
Inositol is a powerful ingredient that studies have shown can help ease the symptoms of PCOS, improve menstrual cycles and balance hormones. 

At Nourished we recently launched Inositol into our offering for customers who suffer from these conditions in our commitment to helping women combat health conditions that can often be left undiagnosed or untreated.  

“My skin is always so dry in winter, is there anything I can take to get my glow back?” 
Vitamin A, E and Selenium all have proven properties that can promote the health of your skin, but Silica can specifically combat dry skin. This natural compound is crucial for the body to maintain natural levels of collagen, and as we age the amount our bodies produce declines. At Nourished we offer a high impact, bamboo-based Silica which studies have shown can strengthen brittle nails and help the skin to maintain moisture. 

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