It is not just a saying or an old wives’ tale – sleep really does make you more beautiful. Those glorious hours when we are dreaming of magical lands or Ryan Gosling (admit it) are when our skin goes through vital processes of restoration and repair, and when our metabolic rate rises to replenish dead cells at the surface. Sleep also helps support a healthy immune system, enabling our bodies to not only banish blemishes but also fight off infections – warding off illness and boosting mental wellbeing. It is, therefore, a vital process in keeping us young, beautiful and in good health, making it extremely worrying to learn that the majority of us aren’t getting enough of it. Today, sleep is seen as a luxury and not a necessity, and a whopping one in three people suffer from sleep problems. The result? We’re turning into a world of puffy-eyed, energy-less zombies, surviving on sugar and Starbucks to make it through the day. Not a pretty sight…

We love a good pre-bedtime routine to help zone out the stresses of the day and find stillness and peace before getting cosy under the sheets, but Rituals have taken it up another notch with their version of a pre-bedtime sleep ritual. Their new collection, The Ritual Of Jing is inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of Jing, representing calmness, stillness and tranquillity. The Ritual of Jing helps you find your path to inner peace and cultivate the art of calm and tranquillity. 

Below we’re sharing their perfect bedtime sleep ritual…


Step 1

The Ritual Of Jing Shower Oil

Rinse off the stress from the day, consciously letting go of any stresses or anxieties that might be clinging to you. Close your eyes and breathe slowly, focusing on the feeling of the water on your face and the soft feeling of the foam beneath your fingers.

Step 2

The Ritual Of Jing Magnesium Bath Crystals

Now that you’re clean, it’s time to truly indulge. 90 minutes before lights out, run yourself a deep, steaming bath, topped up with dreamy herbs and soothing magnesium crystals. Light a candle, step one foot in at a time a lie back to soak in the blissful vibes.

Step 3

The Ritual Of Jing Dry Oil

Towel off slowly, using the softest, most luxurious towels you can find. Continue the pampering by smoothing on an indulgent oil, from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your hair. Use slow, gentle movements to calm your mind and set the scene for sleep.

Step 4

The Ritual Of Jing Foot Balm

Your feet have been doing tough work for you all day long. Take a moment to acknowledge them, applying a rich cream and treating them to a simple massage: squeezing, pressing, gently kneading. If needed, try some relaxing acupressure holding your thumb on the tender spot at the top of the arch.

Step 5

The Ritual Of Jing Pillow Mist

And at last, bedtime. Set yourself up for a night of sweet slumber by misting a pillow spray over your bed linen. Take a moment to let it sink in and then climb into the sheets. These light herbal scents will help calm you down and gently guide you away to dreamland. 

Good night, sleep tight.

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