Yeotown Kitchen and Lululemon have teamed up to create the limited edition Lululemon-aide! The Lululemon-aide is a purifying, immunity boosting, lemon-based elixir packed with Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and Antioxidants with a deliciously cleansing, invigorating taste. Made with lemon, orange blossom, maple, ginger, cayenne and filtered water, it’s a truly unique blend of refreshing ingredients.

Until the 28th February, Yeotown Kitchen, London’s first mindfulness café, will be handing out discount cards to shoppers at the Lululemon in Marylebone, giving them 20% off Lululemon-aides. To encourage consumers to reuse these gorgeous little bottles, they are giving 50p off the retail price when you bring the bottle back in-store.

Check it out here!