This just in: workout wear doesn’t have to be boring. We have fallen head over heals for boutique active leggings brand, Hey Jo, and think you will too. Not only do they come in an array of rainbow colours (you have to be fairly bold to pull off the orange) but the leggings don’t fade and are durable too. Detailed with gold zips, my favourite of their two styles is the Cassini, which has both a useful but discreet pocket on the bottom (perfect for keys, credit card etc.) and a zip at the bottom of the leg. Although they don’t have a huge choice on style, what Hey Jo do, they do well. The leggings are not just for work-out time but for play time too, so you can literally go from sweating to socialising in a matter of minutes. But we do suggest showering first.

Visit http://hey-jo.co/store/ for more info