It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s months until we see the sun again.  Needless to say we very much deserve some TLC, so it’s time to indulge in our top treatments perfect for wintertime, says Frankie Rozwadowska

The Facial: Pai Detox & Decongest Facial at Limewood – £105 for 60mins
Pai + Limewood = a match made in heaven. Natural, fabulous facials that deliver results, all housed in the cosy confines of the stunning Herb House spa. After just one hour congested, stressed-out skin (central heating and winter weather, we’re pointing the finger at you) is soothed and calmed, and the harmonious voice of José Gonzáles will sing you into a blissful slumber whilst your therapist works her magic. Organic, natural active ingredients, including Himanthalia Sea Algae and Rice Plant water, gently purify and rebalance, working alongside lymphatic drainage and acupressure massage to really boost your beauty.  So say goodbye to red, sore and blemish prone skin – and hello to a healthy, radiant, gorgeous glow.

Ajala Spa

The Massage: Ajala Spa Hot Stone Aroma Body Massage – £105 for 60mins
For a massage that not only melts away tension and tightness but is guaranteed to warm you right up, Ajala Spa’s Hot Stone treatment is just the ticket. Aiming to rid the body of bad, toxic build-ups, hot stones are placed on various pressure points and then massaged deeply into muscles using various detoxifying techniques. And to top it all off you can then relax in the Sun Therapy Lounge, where full spectrum lighting and infrared heat give you all the benefits of the sun without the harmful rays. Sunbathing in London in winter? Amazing.


The Nails: Japanese Pedicure at Nailberry – £40
Over the summer months we cover our nails in polish, causing them to weaken and become discoloured. But now the sandals have been banished to the back of our wardrobes, it’s time we give our talons some TLC with a visit to South Kensington nail salon, Nailberry. Sinking into a huge comfy armchair you can relax and unwind as your therapist works to bring your nails back to full health. Based on a process used over four hundred years ago by the aristocrats of Japan, nails are washed, scrubbed and filed before being polished with bees wax. The result? Nails are bright and beautiful with a glossy shine, but with no varnish in sight. Three weeks later and mine still look immaculate. (Nailberry also sells it’s own range of nasty-free polishes – so be sure to grab a bottle or two for when it’s time to fancy up those feet!)

Spa looking into wet area

The Full Body Treatment: Moroccan Majorelle at The Spa in Dolphin Square – £139 for 85 minutes
A piece of Morocco in Pimlico, this hidden gem is a secret just too good to keep to ourselves. Huge wooden doors, dark stone walls, flickering lanterns and red velvet adornments, there’s even fresh Moroccan Mint tea served with dates and almonds to enjoy after your treatment. For the ultimate luxury, it’s all about the Moroccan Majorelle. First your body is cleansed from top to toe in the warming cocoon of a purifying Hammam, before a rich honey mask is applied to your face to give you that gorgeous glow, and lava clay from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains is massaged deeply into the hair and scalp to add minerals and moisture. And if that wasn’t enough, you’re then whisked off to a sumptuous treatment room for a full body massage – leaving every inch of you renewed and restored.