Here in the UK you need to be prepared for all sorts of weather… if you are serious about running. I run in running tights and a wind-stopper top, hat and gloves when it’s really cold. The 10 degree rule still applies. Set of on your run dressed as if the temperature were 10 degrees warmer than it is. That’s because by the time you’ve put in a couple of vigorous miles your body temperature will be up. You can overheat very quickly by being overdressed.

For the really horrible wet weather or slushy conditions, I use a pair of Sealskins socks.

I prefer to stick with ASICS and currently use the Gel Nimbus Shoe.

I go off road as much as I can especially when it’s frosty or icy, and just enjoy my runs at a moderate pace, winter running can be real fun.

The risk of slipping increases during icy and wet weather but in general as long as you run sensibly all should be okay.

I run outside during winter because fresh air makes all the difference, but I also use treadmills for a fast session.

I love early morning frosty runs, so porridge for warmth and the slow release of carbs works perfect for me, add in some fruit and honey for an extra treat. Afterwards I usually stick with a protein recovery shake, and then something warming like French onion soup for lunch.

On longer runs I still consume about 330mls of water per hour no matter what the weather conditions are. It’s always important to be well hydrated before your run.

To regulate your breathing when it is so cold outside start your run gently, and gradually increase the pace, your breathing will follow. I wear a Buff around my neck, and pull it up over my mouth and nose on those really nippy days until my breathing feels okay, just to prevent the cill and burn of the frosty air.

In order to motivate myself I think about the winter runs as maintenance runs, I always hate having an injury and a lay off and then having to break the inertia and build fitness after a long delay, so ticking over through winter is just great. Remember you never regret going for a run but you always regret not going for one!