If you took up running this summer and are wondering how on earth you’re going to continue your new-found hobby throughout the winter months then listen up! Sadie Reid, founder of Hip & Healthy shares her top 6 winter running tips that will make your morning run so much more enjoyable!

Stepping outside of your warm, cosy home is part of the battle when running in Winter, especially if it is first thing in the morning and it’s so cold you can see your breath in the air. I make this transition easier by wearing lots of layers, that way I keep my body warm when I start running and as the run progresses, and my body temperature rises (and I promise it will), I can easily remove layers as I go. It’s also essential to wear sweat wicking fabric here – especially those layers that touch the skin to draw the sweat away from your skin preventing you from getting a chill.

It’s all about the Reflective Gear
As the days get shorter it is important to make sure that you are visible if you manage to get yourself outdoors in the dark. Reflective strips may not look like much in your bedroom, but when you are out on the road you are much more easily seen with them. Look for garments that have them on the backs of your legs or back.

Be an All-Weather Runner
Here in the UK you need to be prepared for all sorts of weather. A bit of rain can kill your run almost the moment you step outside the door if you haven’t prepped for it. Donning a lightweight jacket may feel over-cautious but you’ll be grateful for it if the heavens open halfway around your route and if it doesn’t rain you can just tie it lightly around your waist.

Water Still Matters
Just because it’s colder – don’t make the mistake of not drinking water during or after your run. I once spoke to an amazing runner, Andy McMenemy (he ran 66 marathons in as may days… need I say more) who would never go on a run without making sure he is properly hydrated “On longer runs I still consume about 330mls of water per hour no matter what the weather conditions are. It’s always important to be well hydrated before your run.” If you don’t drink enough you could end up with a thumping headache caused by dehydration or worse.

Download a Good Podcast
We all know the power of a good podcast – it can make that exercise time fly by! My faves? Goop, Desert Island Discs, How I Built This, The School of Greatness, and Tony Robins

Regulate your Breathing
When you start a run in the cold you can find that it literally takes your breath away. For ways to avoid this start your run gently and gradually increase your pace. You can even wear a running scarf around your neck (think snood – but tighter and with breathable fabric), which you can pull over your mouth on really nippy days to prevent the burn of the frosty air at the back of your throat.

words by Sadie Reid