Winter Running Style Tips 

Nike knows how to kit out all-weather runners

As the temperature outside gets lower and lower so does our motivation to run. But running in the cold not only burns more calories (our bodies need to work even harder to keep us warm) it’s also a great way to clear your mind, get outdoors and fill your lungs with fresh air. Here are a few top style tips to make that first step out the door and into the cold that little bit easier…

Layer: Layering your tops means that you can meet your perfect temperature as when things start to hotten up  you can always remove items, but it makes the start of your run much more bearable – so you will never be to cold or too hot. I wear a sports bra, sports vest, long-sleeved dry-fit top and light-weight rain jacket.

Wear Earmuffs: I find that running in the cold weather can make my ears so cold that they hurt. Headbands make my forehead to hot and sometimes give me spots near my hairline but earmuffs are a perfect way to avoid all of that.

Running Gloves: Gloves are key for obvious reasons but I also find that when my hands are the warm the rest of me is warmer to. There really is nothing more painful than a pair of frozen fingers!

iPod Armband: Not only will it protect your iPod if it begins to drizzle, an armband just makes everything easier – it really is no fun having to hold an iPod with icy cold hands or have it banging around in your pocket.

Reflective Gear: As the days get shorter it is important to make sure that you are visible if you venture out in the dark. Reflective strips may not look like much in your bedroom, but when you are out on the road you are much more easily seen with them than without them. Try picking garments that have reflective strips on the legs or on backs of jackets. See the Nike jacket above that has one on the pocket.

The clothes above can be brought from the following sites: www.purelimeshop.comwww.splits59.comwww.hpe-shop.comwww.store.nike.comwww.activeinstyle.co.uk (for Lorna Jane).