February sure can induce a serious case of winter-blues. It’s cold. It’s a little grey. Summer holidays seem like ages away and it’s no longer acceptable to wish people a happy new year. We are generally pretty happy-go-lucky gals, we don’t tend to let much get us down. ‘Thick-skinned’ is how we are often described. But there’s something about February that can wear down on even those with the thickest of skin and because of that, we want to share a little secret that’ll help to lift your mood when the evenings seem a little too dark.

It’s no secret that essential oils are used in most beauty products. Typically deriving from the flowering part of a plant, they are a fragrant, super potent substance and (because of their concentration) have endless benefits for both the skin and hair. Their qualities vary depending on which oil you choose; they can be anything from antibacterial to ultra-moisturising to anti-ageing. But – and here’s the secret – did you know that essential oils are also used for holistic wellbeing? In other words, they are a great way to stop the February blues in its cold tracks.

Aromatherapy is an age-old practice as essential oils have the ability to stimulate the mind and cleanse you from the inside out. Smell has an incredible link to your brain – if you think about the power that a smell has to triggering a memory for example. Essential oils are so potent that their fragrance are linked to all kinds of brain activity and we therefore use them not just for beauty, but also to lift our mood and help with productivity. Now, we don’t recommend that you cruise around sniffing tiny bottles of essential oils as we’re aware that that’s not particularly practical. The smarter way to inject some EO’s into your everyday routine is to double up with your beauty products, meaning both your skin and brain reap the benefits. Here’s our guide to the best scents and the cheat’s way of accessing them:

  • It’s believed that inhaling the citrussy lemon scent helps promote concentration and altertness. It’s zesty pong has also been linked to helping stress and having a general calming effect. We say use it when the work load is heavy and you need to focus on being productive, efficient and relaxed in the office. We love Dr Haushka’s Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil. A citrus blast that’s full to the brim with lemon, lemon peel and lemongrass. Slather all over to get your day off to an energetic start.
  • The scent of lavender is familiar to most people as it’s used so widely in health and beauty products. It’s the type of smell that reminds you of your grandma (in a good way). Lavender is awesome for those looking to bring a level of calm to their lives. It’s great for destressing, helps to soothe nerves and relaxes the mind. We say use it during the day to ensure your serene mood doesn’t falter. Many use lavender based bath soaks or oils at night to help them sleep which is great, but personally we find we’re in need of real relaxation when we’re rushed off our feet during the day. We love John Master’s Organics Sea Salt Spray with Lavender. Gives you beautiful, tousled beach hair and offers an endless supply of lavender scent right by your nose.
  • Rose is probably the most subtle fragrance of the oils mentioned today but it still packs quite a punch. It’s perfect for helping to relieve anxiety, depression and emotional unbalance. If you’re feeling a little glum then rose is probably the one for you. We say use it to brighten your mood, whenever you need it. We love Ren’s Moroccan Rose Gold Glow Perfect Dry Oil. Who doesn’t want to shimmer all day? This baby will bring a big, shiny smile to your face. Extremely moisturising with a subtle shimmer, the astringent and nourishing properties will get to work while you glow.
  • A fairly strong smelling oil but extremely powerful in its ability to help to ease physical exhaustion. You know those days that you just can’t get out of bed? Rosemary is wonderful in helping to fight that fatigue. It’s also been linked to memory retention as well as soothing headaches. Pretty impressive huh? We say use it in the mornings as part of your skin care routine. It’s anti-inflammatory properties will get right to work on tired skin meaning both your mind and face will be wide awake. We love Pai’s Rice Plant and Rosemary Bioaffinity Tonic. A light toner that’s great for sensitive skin.

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