Improve your morning and evening rituals with the Swisse Me Brain Health range so that you can feel clear & alert during the day and ready to unwind and restore at night.

Now is the time to focus on sleep and self-care, and we are excited to have partnered with Swisse Me to celebrate the launch of their new Brain Health range. We’re giving you the chance to improve your morning and evening rituals by winning a “Night Recovery Set” featuring a 2 months’ supply of Swisse Me Nootropics, Aurelia probiotic skincare set and a Lumie Bodyclock worth £299.

Swisse Me’s new Vegan and gluten-free range consists of two plant-powered formulas to help you through certain parts of your day. Brain Fuel, the day capsules, are designed to be taken first thing in the morning to support the cognitive function. Harnessing a range of high-quality vitamins, minerals and nootropics, Brain Fuel combines energising ingredients that support your psychological system so you can perform optimally throughout the day. 

On the flip side, letting your brain slow down at the end of the day is equally as important. If your mind runs wild after a busy day, you’re not alone. With the intense usage of technology combined with high-pressure lifestyles, it’s no wonder we still feel wired in the evening. Not only are the Brain Recharge capsules going to help you rest and restore, but they are also designed to support your nervous system and stress response, preparing you for the next day. 

To further support your morning and evening rituals Aurelia Probiotic Skincare will guide you to a restful night’s sleep with three night-time rituals as part of your Perfect Sleep Routine. We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for our health, wellbeing and mood which is why Aurelia has created the ultimate collection to help you drift off soundly, and sleep through the night. Featuring two brand new sleep-inspired products alongside their coveted Cell Repair Night Oil, The Perfect Sleep Routine is everything you will need to wind down during your evening routine, and wake up to nourished, supple and hydrated skin.

Lumie offers the perfect introduction to the benefits of sleeping and waking with light. The gorgeous splash of bright yellow surrounding the display amplifies clean lines characteristic of this contemporary design, evoking vibrant midsummer vibes whatever the season. Rise 100 features the essential 30-minute sunrise and sunset plus a couple of popular customisations; choice of final light intensity for the sunrise and a nightlight option for the end of the sunset, fully adjustable bedroom lighting, bright for reading or a relaxing soft glow; the light-sensitive display; tap -control snooze.

To encourage better sleep and self-care Swisse Me are offering one lucky winner the chance to win a “Night Recovery Set” worth £299

The “Night Recovery Set” will include full size: 

  • Swisse Me Nootropics (Day & Night Cognition Capsules)
  • Aurelia Probiotic Skincare • The Perfect Sleep Routine Set (worth £120)
  • Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100 (worth £79)

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