MEDA is a premium lifestyle brand providing targeted, game-changing wellness. 

MEDA seeks to optimise wellbeing by integrating seamlessly with your everyday routines and rituals, helping to create a better you. MEDA creates organic and non-GMO functional CBD products made in the UK which are vegan, low calorie and importantly all-natural, to help restore the balance of both body and mind as well as offering a range of additional wellness benefits; from improving focus to aiding in sleep and physical recovery.

MEDA has reinvented the ritual of ‘taking a break’ and tuning in with your body with their delicious range of CBD drinks designed to integrate seamlessly with your everyday routine to boost your wellbeing.  Packed with nutrients, adaptogens, nootropics and premium broad-spectrum liposomal CBD for optimal absorption and effectiveness, MEDA has worked incredibly hard to formulate a tasty drink that really is going to enhance your wellbeing. 

Hailed as the super-nutrient of the 21st century, CBD boasts a host of health-boosting benefits. CBD is thought to improve focus, calm frazzled nerves, promote better quality sleep, ease inflammation, and improve overall vitality.

From morning to night, MEDA has the perfect drink for every mood. Helping to lift your frame of mind, we have been loving sipping on these tasty drinks that leave us feeling positive and refreshed every time!

The current 6 offerings in the MEDA collection help to ease anxiety and tension (Calm), boost the immune system (Defence), reduce inflammation (Recover), improve focus and cognitive performance (Focus), strengthen and nourish your skin (Glow) and to aid sleep (Sleep). 

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