They say you are what you eat and we say you are what you sleep (on)! These days, we’re all so much more aware of what a huge impact good quality sleep has on our wellbeing; it helps to regulate our hormones and appetite, improve cognitive function and it’s also a time for healing, recovery and cell regeneration. So why wouldn’t you want to invest in what you actually sleep on? We spend (or should spend) a good 7-9 hours of our day in bed (in a lifetime you’re looking at a whopping 26 years on average!) so we think something as important as choosing the right mattress should be a top priority. 

Having a cosy bedroom isn’t always down to how it looks, but how it feels. When you wake up you want to be warm, relaxed, comfortable and well-rested. Sleeping on an older mattress could cause you to wake up with body pain, joint soreness and even reduce your hours of precious sleep, which is far from what you want. A fresh, good quality mattress could be what helps steer clear of these negatives and put you in a positive mindset. This is where Mattressman comes in to save the day (and night).

Everyone prefers different sleeping surfaces, as there are no two sleepers that are the same. From pocket spring vs memory foam, whether to choose soft, medium and firm, here are the things you need to know when buying a mattress and why Mattressman is the place to go for the best selection of brands.

First things first… What type of mattress should you choose?
With every element of choosing a mattress, it’s, of course, going to boil down to personal preference but having some basic knowledge of your options might make the decision easier to make. Below is an overview of the most common types of mattresses and who they are best suited for…

Pocket spring – A very popular choice is pocket spring, which is made up of individual springs each sewn into its own pocket of fabric. It’s a great all-rounder for solo sleepers and couples alike. Pocket spring mattresses are supportive yet comfortable and help to evenly distribute body weight to prevent achiness in your joints. Pocket spring mattresses are particularly good for the bigger sizes such as King or Super King.

Open Coil – Open coil mattresses are very traditional and use, as you might be able to guess, open springs. This is a popular choice for a more affordable alternative to pocket spring mattresses. They don’t offer quite as much support as pocket spring so it’s an ideal choice if you sleep on your own or perhaps you want to furnish a guest bedroom with a comfortable yet affordable mattress.

Miracoil – If you’re looking for a super-supportive mattress then definitely consider Miracoil. A system based on one continuous length of wire interwoven with springs that are linked vertically rather than horizontally, this is a great choice for optimal spinal alignment and also if you have a fidgety sleeping buddy who’s tossing and turning disturbs your sleep.

Memory Foam – Another popular choice of mattress, memory foam is a very comfortable, supportive option for those who want something to relieve joint pressure and avoid aches and soreness in the morning. It’s true they retain heat more so than the others mentioned above so if you’re a cold sleeper then this could be a great mattress for you. If your bedroom is in the loft, which is often the hottest place in a house, it might be best to avoid memory foam.

Soft, firm or something in between?
Now, the firmness of your mattress is a really personal part of the decision process. Some prefer a soft, bouncy castle-like mattress while others favour something firmer with a pillow top for added comfort. Many people often confuse how firm a mattress is with how comfortable it will be to sleep on. What the firmness actually refers to is the support so it would be wrong to assume a softer mattress would offer more comfort than a firmer one. 

A great place to shop an incredible variety of high-quality, British-made mattresses is Mattressman who really has made it their mission to help you sleep better. Britain’s biggest mattress specialist, they’ve got you covered whether you’re after a budget-friendly option or something more luxurious. With expert knowledge, a history of excellent customer care and free next day delivery, you can practically do a Dorothy and click your heels for the bed of your dreams. To help get you started, we’ve picked out a few of our top mattress choices from their range that will help you on your bid for a better night’s slumber.

Hypnos – Aspen Natural Supreme
Made with silk and lambswool, this Hypnos mattress is breathable, luxurious and the perfect all-rounder. Made up of 1200 pocket springs, this is a supportive, comfortable option that would suit all bed sizes, in particular the larger varieties. 

Healthopaedic – Zero Gravity
Perfect for toss-ers and turn-ers, Healthopaedic’s Zero Gravity Mattress is made up of 1000 supportive pocket springs for easing joint pressure and ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s soft, cloud-like tension provides a real floating feeling helping you get to dreamland in no time.

The British Bed Company – Cotton Pocket 1200 Chenille
If you want the perfect combination of support and softness, then this mattress might be the one for you. Featuring pocket springs that move with the contours of your body, it also has a soft knitted cover and a rod edging to help prevent your mattress from sagging.

Sealy – Millionaire Memory
Memory foam fans will love Sealy’s Millionaire memory foam mattress with additional open coils. If you often wake with neck and back pain, this mattress will help evenly distribute your weight while supporting your upper back and shoulders. With 20mm of body moulding memory foam, expect total comfort all night long and no morning aches in sight.

How to care for your mattress
The longevity of a mattress divides many people! Some say 10 years, some say 8 and some say as little as 6. The experts at Mattressman concluded after an in-depth evaluation that every mattress is different and how the owner uses it varies greatly. The average is likely to be around 7-8 years but some signs yours might need sending off to mattress heaven include visible deterioration, waking up with aches and pains and not sleeping as soundly as you once did.

If you want to ensure your mattress lasts a long time then there are some ways to care for it to increase its lifespan. Mattressman recommends turning your mattress every 2 weeks in the first 3 months of ownership, and every 2 months after that. Minimise excessive bouncing and jumping (it can cause damage and make it lose its shape), hand brush regularly to eliminate dust and invest in a mattress protector which will act as a barrier for stains.

For more sleep tips, expert knowledge and further assistance with creating your ultimate sleeping spot, head to mattressman.co.uk

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