Birch first stole our hearts when we visited shortly after the launch back in 2020. Boasting creative classes, beautiful interiors, sustainably dining and sprawling wild outdoors greenery, we were sold by the concept that this hotel-come-members club was beginning to roll out. Fast forward to 2022, Birch has really come into its own and the members club element is in full swing. Having a huge space dedicated to co-working, Birch couldn’t have timed it more perfectly, with many companies sticking with ‘working from home’ at least a few days a week. The co-working space is full of creatives at work, tapping away with either Photoshop or Illustrator open on screen. Come 5pm on a Friday the vibe completely changes, the resident DJ has set up playing an eclectic mix of music, laptops are away and cocktails are in hand…Birch are reinforcers of a work-life balance and we’re into it!

If you didn’t catch it before you can read our initial review of Birch for more details on the hotel here.

The main reason we were lucky enough to stay at Birch a second time was to experience the new wellness offerings which lived up to expectations! Hosting a full timetable of classes ranging from meditation to spin, yoga, boxing, strength, cardio and more, a kitted out gym floor with Technogym equipment and new to their repertoire, holistic treatments in partnership with The Tides, the Wellness Space is designed to help you reset and recharge, and take you away from external stresses and strains.

The lido also launched just last summer, much to the delight of members and hotel guests who spent the long summer afternoons lazing around the pool. During the winter months, Birch runs Cold Water Therapy sessions, inspired by Wim Hof aka the ‘Ice Man’. Held for 30 minutes, the session allows you to open yourself to the healing powers of the cold. It’s also an indicator of just how ‘on the button’ Birch are with their wellness initiatives.

In unique Birch style, they have amplified the treatment offerings to give you that little bit extra than your average hotel-style facials and massages. Working alongside Netherlands born wellness brand, The Tides, Birch has curated a line-up of exclusive holistic treatments that harness the power of their self-care products. Designed in response to urban pressures, digital overload, and environmental pollution, the therapies focus on synchronising your body and brain. The Tides forged these BrainBody Wellness practices in the hope to relieve fatigue, recharge energy, boost immunity, restore hormonal imbalance and improve sleep quality. 

Our Top Picks…

BACK TO BRILLIANCE™ • Calming & Grounding Massage
Featuring breathwork, head and body massage, acupressure work and optional full body scrub, this massage does exactly what it says…gets your body back to brilliance! Feel stress and tension melt away on the heated bed as you experience head to toe deep relaxation.

BRAINBODY HACKER™ • De-Stressing Headspace Treatment
This treatment is all about rerooting mind-body balance. The element we were particularly wowed by is the breathwork that commences this treatment. The therapist will guide you through a sequence of breathing techniques synchronised to following the pattern of their hand movements, it intentionally creates an equilibrium between mind and body to set the tone for what we can only describe as a transformative treatment. A multiped of wellness disiplinces are involved from breathwork, myofascial release, acupressure, cryotherapy, scalp exfoliation and eye relaxation exercises.

OCEAN DEEP RECOVERY™ • Fatigue Fighter
If you struggle in the sleep department, this one is for you. Reliving physical, mental and emotional stress, this full-body and head treatment involves exfoliation, breathwork, myofascial release and light traction combined with powerful, natural products to help you unplug. The treatment is then finished off with a mineral-rich body mask before being wrapped in infrared blankets…its recovery at its finest!

heal at Birch is another branch of the Wellness Space that offers alternative therapies to target proactive nourishment where it’s needed. From sports massages to stretchologie, acupuncture and reflexology, heal’s in-house specialists each have a specific skillset to instil lasting health benefits. The niche remedies on offer include ear acupuncture, therapist-assisted developmental and therapeutic stretch sessions and sound healing.

Alongside the packed timetable, Birch also hosts one-off workshops with renowned industry professionals from the creative and wellness world. Think nutrition masterclasses, reiki sessions, New Moon ceremonies, outdoor foraging workshops, puppy yoga and more outlandish event to get excited about.

It’s fair to say that we’re totally sold with Birch and would happily escape here every weekend if possible. You can go a whole day at Birch and unintentional switch off from all devices, the nature of their ‘DO’ offerings is to thank for this. There’s an endless supply of constantly changing activities from talks with wellness experts, pottery classes, baking workshops and much, much more. Not only have Birch accredited themselves amongst the creative crowd but now they’ve also solidified our stamp of approval for the wellness community.

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