What is Birch Water?

In winter, birch trees store vital minerals and vitamins in their roots. In spring water is filtered up through the trunk, nourishing the tree. Then, for 3 weeks (for that is their tapping window), the trees get tapped for their water. The water itself is much like coconut water in its make up, but there are some differences (for example coconut water does not contain Saponin – more on that below). It tastes a bit like normal water but Tapped have a couple of new flavor combos that will blow your mind (our fave is the Apple and Root Ginger) and not an added sugar or artificial sweetener in sight – phew.

Why Is Birch Water So Healthy?

Although drinking Birch water may seem like a completely new radical idea here in the UK, it has actually been happening in the colder climes of Finland for centuries. In fact, so dedicated are the Fins to tapping their trees that they even put their strong bones and youthful complexion down to the trees’ elixir. We spoke to the clever people at Tapped (they are the ones with the super cool bottles that look like mini birch trees) about why we should all be drinking nature’s latest nectar!

Why is it Good For Us?

The water that is harvested from the trees in spring contains all the nutrients and minerals to give the tree its new branches and leaves for the summer and so it is full of goodness. Outlined below are just some of the reasons that we think Birch Water should be your new post-workout tipple:

  • A great source of manganese (great for detoxing!)
  • Rumored to help with getting rid of cellulite as it is so cleansing
  • Packed full of electrolytes
  • It contains Saponin, which has been shown to lower cholesterol
  • It’s anti-inflammatory

 What the Experts Say…

Dr Storfer, Founder of The Food Effect, recently said in the Daily Mail that:

‘People of North America have been drinking it as a “health tonic” for years. It’s believed to have amazing healing properties ranging from everything to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, treating infections of the urinary tract and healing cancers. Medically however, we don’t know that much about the birch water’s value as a health drink, as it’s only just entered the market, with its health claims similar to coconut water. I’d say if you enjoy it, there’s definitely no harm in consuming in moderation… it’s definitely good for rehydration, and far better than any sugary fizzy drinks out there!’

Buy yours at Tapped.co.uk, Tapped are also stocked in Planet Organic and Wholefoods.

Words by Sadie Reid 

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