If you’ve built a skincare routine of any kind, chances are that Vitamin C has made its way in there already. Thanks to its radiance-boosting and brightening properties, it’s a firm favourite with skincare aficionados everywhere. Not just a superhero for facial skincare, the hero ingredient has some pretty impressive benefits for your body, scalp and hair too. 

Here’s some of the Vitamin-C rich products to put on your radar:


This wake-up call for your face contains a suits-all Vitamin C molecule that’s a total complexion game-changer. Say hello to vitamin C’s underdog cousin ‘MAP’ – or Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate to you and I. Just as hardworking, but without causing the irritation that can sometimes occur with regular vitamin C. 

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate is the star ingredient of the Tired Faace Mask, loved for its skin-perking benefits. MAP is created by combining ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) with a magnesium salt, to help improve its stability in water-based formulas. MAP is also lipophilic making it stable in oil-based formulas too. And it’s this which allows it to penetrate deeply into skin, offer greater hydration and even fights breakouts. 

Tired Faace Mask

This potent mask packs a punch when it comes to perking up skin. Alongside a roster of skin brightening ingredients like vitamin C and lactic acid, Faace’s Tired Faace Mask contains a punchy 5% caffeine extract.

Available at Wearefaace.com


It’s universally acknowledged that vitamin C is a true skincare superstar, but what benefit does it have for your locks? 

  • Helps fight bacteria on the scalp to ward off dandruff 
  • Helps to promote hair growth*
  • Brightens dull, lacklustre hair without stripping colour 
  • Can promote hair growth while strengthening strands
  • Protecting hair against environmental aggressors

fiils Pomelo

Powered by pomelo, a citrus fruit packed full of vitamin C, Fiils Pomelo Shampoo and Conditioner helps to boost hair health, leaving it shinier and stronger. Free from SLS, silicones and fragrance, the all-natural formulas are housed in a sustainable refill pouch. The pure essential oils used in the concentrated formulas are also sustainably sourced and expertly hand blended to give you the best hair yet, whilst helping you to do your bit for the planet.

Available at fiils.co


If there’s one ingredient you want to be reaching for when lathering in the shower, or moisturising your skin – it’s Vitamin C. The punchy vitamin not only hydrates skin, but can also boost circulation, help to heal surface damage and help to firm skin by encouraging collagen production. If the benefits didn’t help to sell this as an all-round skin superhero, then the fruity, tropical scents found in the likes of Guava and Orange certainly will! 

Dr. Organic Guava Wet Skin Moisturiser

Bursting with Vitamin C (more than 4x an orange!), Organic Guava helps to instantly lock in moisture for an intensive burst of long-lasting hydration. Once you’ve hopped out the shower, layer wet skin in this moisturiser and towel dry as normal. 

Available at drorganic.co.uk


Vitamin C is the holy grail when it comes to immunity. With autumn approaching and a long winter season ahead, it’s vital we bolster our immune systems with extra defence. There are many supplements to choose from, capsules to liquids, but we’re going to let you in on our secret weapon…

Altrient C

Altrient C is different to the many other vitamin C products on the market because of the way it is consumed and in turn, absorbed much more effectively by the body. Without getting too technical about it Altrient C uses advanced Liposome Encapsulation Technology for maximised absorption, this just means that, unlike tablets and powders which can be broken down by gastric juices and end up being passed out as waste, Altrient’s patented process is able to protect the vitamin C as it travels through the digestive system securing a safe path into the bloodstream and then to the cells.

Available at abundanceandhealth.co.uk