For me, Nutritional Therapy goes beyond ‘what food is good for this problem?’. It’s a functional and holistic approach that focuses on every aspect of an individual that can help to uncover hidden reasons behind their symptoms. If you’re fed up of symptoms without any answer or fed up of ‘another prescription’ that’s where a functional nutritional therapist comes into play – “If your bathroom was flooding, would you keep mopping the floor, or would you turn off the tap? Nutritional Therapy helps you turn off the tap – the root cause of the problem, rather than keep mopping the floor of symptoms”

What exactly is a Nutritional Therapist and what do they do?
Nutritional therapy practitioners use a science-based approach to promote individual health using nutrition. Assessing and detecting nutritional imbalances and understanding how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns may involve a variety of tools, such as testing for individual nutrient status, and working alongside other practitioners and health professionals to truly understand the root cause behind symptoms.

Nutritional therapists are able to advise on a whole range of health conditions ranging from issues such as dry skin, insomnia or fatigue to working alongside medical practitioners to support health complaints such as inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis or hormonal dysfunction. They seek to find the root cause of the problem and suggest dietary recommendations and beyond to help support the body’s systems to allow the body to help itself. Consultations are on a one-to-one basis so they can really discover the clients’ individual circumstances and tailor make a programme just for them.

What area of nutrition do you mainly focus on?
I don’t have a particular area that I limit to in my clinic, I enjoy uncovering every system in the body and how they can connect and correlate to one another’s symptoms. However, I support many individuals with skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. I also work frequently with digestive concerns such as IBS, bloating and food intolerances as well as hormonal conditions such as PCOS, PMS and endometriosis. 

Can everyone benefit from seeing a Nutritional Therapist?
In my opinion, yes! I see clients who are in chronic pain and discomfort with their symptoms, but I also love working alongside people who want to optimise their health and be the best they can be! I have really enjoyed supporting a client recently who was dealing with skin concerns whilst also training for an international Hyrox competition in the US.

What can clients expect from their first session?
Within a first appointment, I like to spend 60-90 minutes together, getting to know each other really understanding your health history to understand how I can support your goals.  Following the consultation, I will go away and take some time to put your personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle programme together –  including therapeutic goals, dietary suggestions, lifestyle strategies, supplement recommendations and 

How long do you usually work with clients? 
Every person is different so every case is different! Within our first call, we can gather a good understanding of what’s going on and whether we will be working together for a month, 3 months, 6 months or beyond! 

How do you equip your clients to continue making great strides in their wellbeing?
We’re on this journey together! I support my clients however I can with frequent communication and lifestyle suggestions that work around them! This is why no plan is ever the same, just because two people have a PCOS diagnosis, doesn’t mean they can do the same things! Similarly, not everyone’s lifestyle and tastes are the same! I see clients in different locations of the globe, some living with families and others alone so ensuring that recommendations fit with the picture is so important! I am also a passionate foodie, so I am always sharing recipe ideas that support my clients’ plans and also topical suggestions such as skin care, equipment, workout styles and suggestions that work well for them. 

How do I book a consultation with you?
You can contact me directly through email at [email protected] or alternatively through my website www.wellnourished.me. I’m also on Instagram at @wellnourished_nutrition.