Please allow us to introduce you to one of the world’s most positive, energetic, enthusiastic and totally inspiring man, Faisal Abdalla! PT, Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer and now the author of his new book “The PMA Method” he’s your guy if you want to become fitter, stronger, happier and healthier! We sat down with him to discuss his new book and what the “PMA Method” is all about.

Congratulations on the launch of your new book ‘The PMA Method! What sort of result are you hoping people will achieve from it?
I hope people read it and come away with a different view of what being fit is all about. It is time people really started to pursue fitness for the way it makes them feel rather than the way it makes them look. The aesthetic side of things falls into place naturally, but it shouldn’t be the number one focus. I want people to focus on FEELING strong, fit, healthy and happy. That’s why I put so much emphasis on training the mind as well as the body. You could run a 10k in record-breaking time, but if you aren’t emotionally fit, you’re still way behind in the starting blocks in my books. The fitness industry is definitely changing to encompass this more holistic, well-rounded approach but there’s always more that can be done.

Can you explain your PMA ethos in more detail?
Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is surprisingly hard to put into words because it’s a feeling. It’s a life-changing state of mind that encompasses so many things. I guess it’s a combination of thinking positively, distancing yourself from negative influences, seizing every moment, being thankful, spreading happiness, loving the life you’ve been given, always striving for more and, ultimately, always working to be the best version of yourself. It’s not just fitness, it’s life.

How can we become stronger, healthier and happier in 14 days through The PMA method?
The idea behind the 14-day plan in my book is to give you the ideas, the tools and the motivation to press the reset button on your mind and body. If you stick with the guidance on how to eat, move and think and then carry it forward after the initial two weeks, I can guarantee you will feel stronger, happier and healthier. Sometimes we just get stuck in a rut of eating bad food and lazing around. That’s a recipe for negative thoughts and the more negatively we think, the less motivated we are to make positive changes. It’s a vicious circle that’s hard to escape. Using the plan to unlock your PMA over 14 days is the spark you need to snap out of it and reset your life. Hopefully, everyone who reads it will have that lightbulb moment where they’re like, “I only get one life, so I’m going to make damn sure it’s an awesome one.”

What is your go-to, quick and easy post-workout meal?
Anything simple that I can prep in advance. Post workout I always combine protein and good carbs. Sausage and sweet potato frittata muffins are always a winner in the mornings because I can make them ahead of time. Or leftovers. I always try and batch cook – the whole cook once, eat twice principle saves a lot of time and means I can ensure I have good food on the go. You will quite often find me carrying last nights dinner around for lunch!

Can anyone from fitness newbies to regular gym go-ers harness the power of PMA?
Absolutely. That’s the beauty of PMA. It’s inside all of us and it’s totally free, you just need to know how to unlock it and then you can reap the benefits. It’s the secret weapon behind everything, from kick-starting a fitness journey or maintaining one to pushing yourself to a seriously elite level.

Do you have any advice for someone experiencing commitment phobia with their workouts?
One of the biggest mistakes people make is comparing themselves to others. I always say stop it because they aren’t you. There will always be somebody faster, fitter or stronger. So what? You’re your only competition so focus on yourself, for yourself. We want to get better, not bitter and when we stop comparing ourselves to the people we think are better than us, we start to see progress because we can finally recognise our own results. Results are the most motivating thing and progression in itself is usually enough to keep you going back for more.

If you’re someone who is too busy looking at how far you’ve got to go rather than how far you’ve come, then you’re probably going to end up throwing in the towel so that’s another negative way of thinking that you need to change. Snap out of it and celebrate every success, no matter how small. We are all way too hard on ourselves sometimes and it’s not healthy.

We are loving your ‘Motivation Monday’ videos on your Instagram! What is your single top tip for getting motivation?
Oh, come on! There’s no way I can narrow it down to one single tip! One thing I do always say though is to stop putting off the things you can start today. It’s all very well and good telling yourself you will start tomorrow, next Monday or next payday, but one day you will run out of tomorrows. So drop the excuses, stop stalling, suck it up and get out there. The time is always now if you truly want to take those first steps to being the best version of yourself.

The ‘PMA method’ has a selection of Cheat Day recipes, which look delicious! What was the idea behind including these in your book?
I wanted the book to be a reflection of how I live and I’m renowned for my cheat days every Sunday so I had to include them. I think it’s so important to give yourself a little of what you love. I would struggle to stick to eating healthily if I didn’t have a peanut m and m shaped light at the end of the tunnel. This book isn’t a short-term fix, it’s a lifestyle change and deprivation just doesn’t fit into that as far as I’m concerned.

The cheat day recipes in the book are actually healthier versions of naughty treats. They are healthier than shop bought naughties because they don’t have the same additives and preservatives and they substitute out white flour and sugar etc. They’re perfect for people who don’t want to undo a week’s hard work with a Faisal style cheat day (because I go IN), but still want a treat of some description. The choconut banana slab is a winner if you ask me and always a massive hit after the last session at my fitness retreats.

The PMA Method by Faisal Abdalla, published by Aster, £14.99 (octopusbooks.co.uk)