We are constantly hearing about how amazing green juices are. How they make our skin glow and fill us with goodness. But why, exactly, are they so brilliant. Find out below…

You may remember learning about chlorophyll in biology. It is what makes plant green. It’s also responsible for allowing plants to absorb light from the sun and convert it into energy. What does this mean for us? We then consume that wonderful energy, which is a powerful blood builder and enhances the cells’ ability to carry oxygen. Which in turn, improves circulation, builds a healthy and strong immune system and counteracts nasty free-radicals. Chlorophyll also helps neutralise the pollution that we breathe in every day. If you are a smoker (or have been in the past) or live in a busy, polluted city (we’re looking at you Hong Kong) it’s a fantastic supplement for your diet. We heart chlorophyll.

It Cleanses Us
Because of the increase in oxygen and the better circulation the body is much more able to cleanse itself. The increased oxygen levels help us to release the stored toxins in the body. So, organs like our liver and kidneys are much happier and cleaner and so can do a much better job themselves – hence the better skin and nicer hair.

Promotes Alkalinity
With so much sugar, processed foods, e-numbers and other unwanted substances going into our food these days, our bodies live in a permanent state of acidity. Not cool. By adding a green juice into your daily regime (and cutting back on the things above) you’ll be making some giant leaps towards bringing the pH balance back. Ideally, we want our blood to have a pH of around 7.365. Better get that litmus paper out.

Super Sexy Combo of Vitamins and Minerals
Depending on what actually goes into your green smoothie – it will be packed full of fabulous vitamins and minerals. Take ours for example: Kale (what we like to call our starry  ingredient – as it’s just so damn good for you) is packed full of vitamins B2,3,6 and 12. Plus it has a wonderful dose of vitamin C, E and K and is full of folic acid. The lemon too has lots of vitamin C and are a great source of flavanoids, which help vitamin C to be absorbed. Cucumber is well-known for its skin healing properties due to its ability to help the body cleanse itself and watercress has long enjoyed superfood status due to it’s award-winning combination of vitamins and minerals. And that is just four of the nine wonderful ingredients!

You Absorb It All Much More
Through juicing you are able to assimilate 95% of the nutrients compare to the mere 15-20% you absorb when just eating your greens. More for your money’s-worth! This is because juice is much more easily absorbed as the process of juicing breaks down the cell walls of fruits and vegetables so that they are pre-digested already. This means that the power-packed nutrients are getting directly into your system.

Our Green Juice Recipe

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