When we moved from London to the country a couple of years ago, one of the reasons that encouraged us to take the leap was the clean countryside air. Our house in London was just off a very busy road and the pollution was visible from the soot that collected around our windows to the general smog and smell of petrol. It was in London that I first made the investment into a Dyson Purifier and Fan. The combination of the hot summer of 2020 and the pollution made it a no-brainer as I needed something that both cooled us down and helped clean the air around us. Fast forward to now and I never realised that the Dyson Purifier and Fan would be needed more than ever, not least because the hayfever this year has been dreadful and the summer has been one of our hottest yet! The whole family has felt it and we have been infinitely grateful for our Dyson fan, and here’s why…

Hayfever + Pollution: The Dyson Purifier + Fan Has you Covered

If you are looking to beat the heat and breath in fresh filtered air, then look no further than the  Dyson Purifier + Fan. From pollen and allergens to industrial emissions, exhausts to cooking fumes, this state-of-the-art fan has the ability to draw even distant pollutants into the machine using it’s Air Multiplier™ technology, projecting purified air throughout the room. 

Keep Your Cool

The Dyson devices are designed to provide you and your home with a powerful, targeted and pure cooling airflow. It does this by supporting the body’s natural cooling mechanism – by helping moisture evaporate from skin, which transfers heat from your body making you feel cooler.

Night Time Bliss

Thanks to the bladeless design the Dyson Fans are engineered so that even the lightest of sleepers can get a deep, restful night of sleep. This is crucial during hot summer nights as higher temperatures increase wakefulness, reduce deep waves and REM sleep. The Dyson Purifier Cool Autoreact is 20% quieter than the previous generation. So it can cool you, without disturbing your sleep. Additionally, with the sleep timer feature, you can programme it to turn off after preset intervals, from 15 minutes to 9 hours. 

Safe for Kids

Remember as a kid your mum would warn you not to put your hand or any other part of your body near a fan? The Dyson Purifier + Fan has no blades, which makes it totally safe for kids and means no more worries for parents. This also makes them very easy to keep clean. Plus, it is worth noting that the fan comes with a remote control so you can operate it from your bed and it’s so easy to use that my 8-year-old loves it and really enjoys feeling in control of how string the fan blows. 

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