All of us here at H&H are true fitness fanatics so we’re sharing with you, where we like to workout!

Sadie Reid, CEO, (aka The Boss!)

Hand on my heart – one of the best workouts my body gets is at Paola’s Body Barre, and I don’t seem to be the only one who feels this way, as getting into Paola’s 9am Saturday class is harder than getting membership at Soho House Group. And there is good reason. The classes are tough, not so tough that you will find yourself confined to the sofa in a post-marathon type manor, but tough enough that you will experience some of the highest endorphins of your life. The kick-boxing ballerina (a move that she has proverbially patented) will hone and tone muscles you never even knew existed and you’ll end each class visibly leaner and stronger. Whilst I was pregnant, Paola would train me pre-7am, twice a week (note to reader: there are not many people out there that my pregnant self would get up for pre-7am) and not only did I feel so much happier after each session but I am not sure that I would have managed 29 hours of labour without it.  If you find yourself on the waiting list, then don’t despair as you can now also experience Paola’s burn at South Kensington Club, KX and Grace Belgravia.


Molly Jennings, Content Editor

It’s so hard to choose just one place as there are so many fantastic studios and gyms in London that I choose to get my sweat on! But if I’m not boxing my way to a fitter body with The Workshop Gymnasium’s boxing specialist, Leon Kew in Knightsbridge, I’m usually sculpting my pins at one of my favourite (and toughest) dynamic reformer studios in Fitzrovia, Epoch Fitness. Whatever I’m doing, I like to feel focused. My mind starts to wander if workouts are too slow. I love boxing with Leon because it’s fast-paced and the focus it requires forces me to leave any stresses at the gym door. As for dynamic reformer Pilates, it makes my whole body burn from the inside out! Being an ex ballet dancer, I love working on those intrinsic muscles which is how, I believe, you truly get stronger. If I’m shaking I know I’m doing something right


Louise af Petersens, Retail Executive

Loving the heat I knew Hot Pod Yoga would be exactly my kind of thing. The classes are held in a cocoon-like, inflatable, heated pods. It is a calming space, heated to 37 degrees and dimly lit purple with soothing music. The cocooned studio allows you to float million miles away from the outside world and enables you to let go of your day and relax. A full hour to yourself! The style of yoga is vinyasa and the heat enables you to move into each posture  with ease by warming the muscles, aiding flexibility. I really noticed just how much faster I advanced from class to class due to the heat. The heat also has the additional benefit of adding an aerobic element by making the heart and lungs work harder. The classes made me feel more flexible and elegant and I instantly felt the benefits. My posture improved and my body felt more toned while also calming my mind. I would highly recommend it!


Olivia Fantoni, Office Assistant

I love trying new exercise classes and crazes at the hottest boutique gyms and clubs, but not all of us can get to them easily! So this class is for us ‘mainstream’ gym users. Hitting the Virgin Active clubs across england is the latest trend of Clubbercise! This innovative and fun class is a sure way to banish the exercise slump we all fall into occasionally. This class is perfect for those of us who want to go and dance our cares and calories away, but for those of you who feel put off by the thought of not being able to keep up with a dance routine, don’t worry! Clubbercise classes take place in pitch black, with only multicoloured glow sticks lighting the room! I love how the class works on toning my arms and with the beat of club classics, it doesn’t feel like I’m working out at all! I’m definitely addicted!