For me Christmas is all about making wonderful memories for the family. The boys are at the perfect age this year to truly soak it all in and we have an extra special festive season this year as we have just booked a family holiday to the Caribbean – the first winter holiday we’ve ever been on (and the first time leaving the country in three years!). So this year there will like always, be lots of lovely wellness goodies on my list but also a few bikinis too! 

Abracazebra Bikini Set

Paper London 

I love Paper London’s stylish and sustainable swimwear. This bikini is the perfect beach companion for those seeking some winter sun this year.

The Maude Plain Stripe Poplin Chair Emerald

Flora Soames 

This summer we moved out of London and into our new cosy cottage in the West Sussex countryside. I have really enjoyed putting our touch on each and every room here and there is a fair bit of Flora Soames’ influence throughout. This chair would look great in our bedroom and clothes would be forbidden from being thrown on it – it is far too pretty for that.

Delicate Blue Linen Set

Luxe + Hardy

Luxe + Hardy to the absolute best sleepwear, that actually helps you sleep better. And although I love their Eyelid Tees and yellow PJs it is their Linen Set that I am converting this year.

Oceano Necklace

Anni Lu

Beautiful and at a great price point Anni Lu jewellery always brightens up an outfit. I also love how the crystals all carry their own healing properties.

The Wellbeing Pod Luxe


I recently gave this to a friend and love it so much I think I need one for myself. Neom is forever at the forefront of wellness products (especially ones that carry a beautiful scent) and this is no different. Just turn on and breathe in the aromatherapeutic properties keeping Christmas calm and smelling nice too!

Sea Green Bottle/Cup


A new brand that has recently launched, Cupple is a water bottle with a difference as it also comes with a cleverly built-in coffee cup too – a sort of two in one that fits together seamlessly when you want just water but should you want a hot drink too then slide the coffee cup part off, attach the lid and off you go! You can also get it engraved making it a great Christmas pressie.

Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex Running Trainers


Confession – I already own a pair of these. But considering I run nearly every day and they’ve been exposed to all manner of countryside terrain, my feet are almost certainly in need of a new pair. And this colour is just heavenly.

Moments to Treasure Set

Aromatherapy Associates

I am someone who loves to bathe so this Aromatherapy Associates Set looks really quite heavenly. I also think gifts like this force people to take time for themselves and that is really no bad thing at all.

Silk Eye Mask


Ideal for plane journeys, this Slip Eye Mask will keep the light out and because it is made of silk, won’t cause any damage to your skin.

Bel Bowl

Birdie Fortescue

These hand-painted bowls will add a bit of colour to any kitchen, also available in soft blue and sage green. I’d love to mix up the colours for a pretty and colourful tabletop this Christmas.

Manifestor Ritual Kit

The Ritual 

For the spiritual goddess in your life this Manifestor Ritual Kit is put together brilliantly and will help you reach abundance in all aspects of your life.

Flower Harmonising Cream

Liberty London

My skin needs a bit of extra help through the winter as I am constantly being told that it is dry and in need of moisture. Chantecaille’s Flower Harmonising Cream is a botanical moisturiser that helps prevent loss of moisture and cocoons the skin against everyday stress.

The Wintery Candle

Luxe + Hardy

I can’t resist a candle at Christmas but I’m not too fond of sickly Christmas scents that you often find. This one from Luxe + Hardy is pine-y and winter fresh which I love!