Here to kick off 2022 in true H&H style, we’ve rounded up all the latest launches in the health and wellness industry. From sustainably led sportswear, meal plans to stand you in good stead, CBD sexual arousing oil and epic new wellness destinations to check out in London…here’s what’s new in wellness this January.

The Body Lab
Where science meets wellness, The Body Lab in Kensington High Street is the newest 5-star health facility that has blown us away! Boasting cutting-edge technology, The Body Lab is pioneering new and unique health offerings to empower people’s lifestyles. It’s true that we demand more from our bodies than ever before, performance levels are at an all-time high and you don’t need to be a professional athlete to be the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally. From the Hyperbaric Hydroxy AirPod that speeds up the body’s healing process, the first of its kind in the UK, and the coldest whole body Cryotherapy Dual Chamber in Europe at -110 degrees Celsius, to enhanced recovery treatments such as the Float Tank, The Body Lab is set to disrupt the luxury wellness market in a whole new way. These treatments are incredibly complex and a root back to one goal, improving your bodies ability to perform at its peak level. Giving consumers access to specialists that have never before been widely available to everyone, The Body Lab delivers the ultimate premium lifestyle experience. Utilising specialist training modalities, from simulated high altitude environments, Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Red Light specialist training, a non-invasive therapy that delivers beneficial wavelengths of red light to skin and cells, there are plenty of highly effective ways to workout at The Body Lab. Catering for all needs, we haven’t been this in awe of a wellbeing destination like this for quite some time…it oozes with luxury, delivers incredible results and will undoubtedly boost your health and fitness to a whole new level.

We think we might have found London’s coolest destination to have acupuncture! Pricc has put a chic, modern spin on eastern medicine with their beautiful studio based in Notting Hill. Born out of founder Victorine’s urge to help more people experience how incredible the benefits of acupuncture are, sessions are at a totally affordable price point, making acupuncture an accessible option to all! Effective in treating pain disorders, fertility, emotional treatment, immune diseases, anti-ageing, insomnia and more, acupuncture is a central pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is designed to balance and promote the flow of qi throughout our bodies, removing any obstructions and addressing the energy imbalances that are the cause of many illnesses. Just to clear one thing up, yes thin needles are involved, but no they don’t hurt at all! Any pain experienced during the treatment will likely be because the needle as triggered an area of alignment that exists in the body. Taking a holistic approach to dealing with our health and wellness concerns is definitely a root a lot more of us seek nowadays, especially you H&H readers so if you’ve never tried acupuncture, you can trust you’ll be in safe hands at Pricc.

Hylo Athletics
Hylo Athletics are the newest fitness brand on the scene that make trainers from corn…yes you read that correctly! Made up of seven materials that are renewable, circular and resource-light to enable them to move the industry beyond petroleum-material dependency, Hylo Athletics are trailblazers of the sportswear scene. The brand has made it their mission to create trainers that meet high sustainability criteria and standard of performance. Their signature Corn Runners are incredibly lightweight and are perfect for the road, the track and in the gym. Sustainable sportswear can sometimes get a bad rap for not being the most aesthetically pleasing but the corn runners completely break this sigma. Definitely one of the coolest looking trainers we’ve seen in a while, it’s the flyknit texture and neutral tones for us! With a low carbon footprint…7.83kg CO2e to be precise, Hylo Athletics have managed to create trainers with a 42% reduction compared to the average running shoe, which is pretty impressive! Constantly seeking ways to reduce our carbon impact, we’re excited to see what is on the horizon for Hylo Athletics with their innovative sportswear that champions sustainability.

Detox Kitchen: Protein 3-Day Protein Reset & Anna Jones

If you’re an avid H&H reader, you’ll know the love we have for the Detox Kitchen and with two new offerings to kickstart the new year, we can’t think of a better to try out their deliciously nourishing meals. First up is the new Protein Reset, which is a 3-day programme following an intermittent fasting meal plan. You’ll get 3 protein-rich lunches and dinners, 3 energising snacks, 3 fresh juices and booster shots, tried and tested by the H&H team, we can assure you that you’ll not get hungry on the plan, the meals are hearty and filling, fuelling you for the day. If you’re in need of a reset this is the meal plan for you, leaving you nourished and re-energised we couldn’t recommend the tasty meals enough. Second is the Detox Kitchen’s collab with vegetarian chef, Anna Jones, which consists of new plant-based meals. Think green pepper and pistachio risotto, lemon tomato and cardamom dal and crispy tofu and broccoli pad thai, it’s ideal for those taking part in veganuary. 

Conscious {by design}
Conscious {by design} is the new health and wellness brand offering consumers a convenient way to boost their wellbeing. Creating the UK’s first CBD wellness pours, Conscious {by design} have formulated four unique blends pack with  20mg of premium Swiss-grade CBD along with carefully crafted botanicals and vitamins, tailored to benefit aspects of your lifestyle. TOUCH is designed to heighten your senses, boasting zinc, pomegranate, fig and black pepper. IMMERSE is blended with invigorating apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger, black pepper and curcumin, aiming to help you feel refreshed and renewed. FLEX is infused with vitamin B12 plus rejuvenating clementine, orange, ginger and turmeric for an energising boost to fuel your vitality. RECLINE is formulated with magnesium, calming lavender, chai and chamomile to promote inner calmness, perfect for the end of the day. Simply pour your chosen blend into water, mix and you’re good to go and the best part is they taste delicious!

Made in Chelsea’s Liv Bentley and celebrity make-up artist, Bella Campbell has clubbed together to cofound JOMO, a luxurious sexual arousal oil infused with CBD. On a quest to redefine female sexual wellness and empower women on their sexual journey,  JOMO’s aim is to facilitate sexual exploration, remove shameful and embarrassing connotations, and shift the cultural narrative surrounding sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure has remained a taboo subject for far too long, especially when it comes to women! JOMO’s all-natural topical oil provides gentle lubrication, designed to work in harmony with your body to elevate your intimate experience, ease discomfort, and help increase sensitivity. CBD has been reported to encourage relaxation and increase blood flow which in turn enhances sensitivity, allowing CBD to boast pleasure…is there anything CBD doesn’t do! The wonder ingredient takes JOMO a  level of luxury to JOMO, that combined with the other high-quality natural ingredients and beautiful product design sets JOMO above other brands on the market. Innovative and chic in equal measures, this might be the product that encourages you to stay home and get intimate with a partner or yourself… Going out is overrated anyway!

Kurami: Sustainable Habits & Self Love Kit
Nutritionist approved meal delivery platform, Kurami’s new Sustainable Habits and Self Love Kit is guaranteed to set Londoners in good stead for the new year ahead. The box contains all the essentials you need to boost self-love, positivity and forming new daily habits that you will take with you throughout 2022, including a wellness notepad, a calming candle, a water bottle, shower steamer plus more! Kurami have carefully curated a daily meal plan that will improve overall gut health and increase plant diversity in our diets, through nourishing and nutritionally designed meals, snacks and drinks. Dishes on the menu will include Vegan Tempeh Scrambled ‘eggs’ and Ancient Grain Porridge with Pear Compote for breakfast as well as Winter Ratatouille, Red Thai Curry with Salmon, and a warming Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric soup for mains, to name a few! We love the little extra touches which sets the Sustainable Habits & Self Love Kit apart from other meal plans, for example, the positive affirmation cards, plant guide and self-development tips. January can be a tricky time in the aftermath of the festive season, it’s important to give our bodies the nourishment it needs, whilst being kind to ourselves and this box does both in equal measures.

Female-founded holistic wellbeing and fitness concierge platform, URWell integrates physical and mental wellbeing to offer wellness programmes that are personal to you. Firm believers that there’s no ‘one size fits’, especially when it comes to our wellbeing, URWell’s team of carefully selected wellness experts curate specific programmes tailored to each client’s needs. Born out of co-founding duo Sabrina Ovadya-Lenson and Evren Celik Duru urge to address health issues and challenges many people are facing, they set out to create a community of like-minded people and help them on their wellness journey. Covering lifestyle, diet, fitness and personal goals, the initial consultation will allow URWell to create the best programme for you which may include nutritional therapy, yoga, pilates. barre, bodyweight, strength training, HIIT, kickboxing, breathwork and meditation. Ultimately, the goal is to help clients achieve a healthier, sustainable lifestyle balance through a choice of packages, plus there are also prenatal packages available with pregnancy and prenatal wellness and fitness experts!

anatomé: Motcomb Street Store
Leading wellbeing experts anatomé have opened their doors to their new home at 8 Motcomb Street, Belgravia. The new store aims to enhance anatomé’s unique shopping concept offering a more personal service so the customer can learn, discover and create new collections, bespoke oils, supplements, skincare, teas and bath salts themselves. Customers are encouraged to explore the discovery table of essential oil to find their perfect blend, as well as the new re-use and refill station which supports the brand’s passion and focus on sustainability. The modern-day apothecary also houses a private sleep and wellbeing consultation room. Dubbed the ‘Blue Sleep Room’, customers can sit down with sleep expert, Winder Ton, to delve into their sleep and daily routines to unpick areas for improvement to boost your sleep cycle. Whether you’re after something specific or you want a little browse, anatomé is the wellness destination to check out this January to invest in your wellbeing.

Nourished: PCOS & Menopause Personalised Vitamins
The wellness industry has become more bespoke than ever before and one brand in particular championing this concept is Nourished, offering vitamin products that are personalised to your health needs. Nourished have expanded their range to now include ingredients renowned to target PCOS and menopause symptoms. Being a major concern for so many women, these symptoms can take the form of hot flushes, insomnia, and weight gain. Following your in-depth consultation quiz, Nourished will determine whether you could benefit from Soy Isoflavones and Inositol, both scientifically proven to help ease PCOS and menopause symptoms. If the answer is yes, these key ingredients will be layered into your tailored vitamin stacks. Tackling a health from a full 360 perspective, Nourished make supplementing easy and highly effective!