From warding off unwanted acne, maintaining youthful skin, combatting pigmentation and tackling dryness, here’s what you need to know about oxygen beauty.

Our body needs oxygen to thrive and survive. Every cell in our body needs it to carry out its functions and it has never been so clear and obvious as it is during this global pandemic that we need oxygen to live. As much as we need oxygen for our vital functions, our skin needs it to keep its balance and carry out the renewal process. Oxygen is carried through the bloodstream to the skin, helping in the cleansing and re-regulation process. But what happens when our skin, during aging and hormonal imbalances, does not get an adequate quantity of oxygen? 

The skin requires an adequate supply in order to prevent and fight certain disorders and adding oxygen to your beauty regimen might prove crucial. 

There are many over the counter preparations and beauty products that include oxygen in their ingredients list, although not all oxygen is the same. Most of the “oxygen” you might find in a face cream or serum is actually hydrogen peroxide and the clarifying effect you will experience following the application will not last long. The problem within the use of proper oxygen in skin products has always had to do with stabilizing it. 

Ioxel is a revolutionary product whose technology comes from biomedical studies and the first and only product that contains ionized oxygen in a stabilized form. It has taken years of trials and errors to finally create this formula that can carry ions – electrically charged atoms – of oxygen through five layers of skin, directly to the cells that make up the dermis.  

This really means hydration to the next level, because all of the nourishment sinks in, allowing the skin cells to naturally activate their own renewal functions. Oxygen is also a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammation agent, and that’s why Ioxel is also very helpful for all skin conditions linked to these factors. 

To fully cover all the different needs of our skin, the laboratory that invented this precious formula came out with three distinct products, each one focused on a different skin condition and its peculiar needs. 

The Deep Oxygenizing Ultralight Gel is the perfect product to add to your skin regimen if you have acne-prone and/or sensitive skin and suffer from hormone imbalance. Enriched with macadamia oil, and hyaluronic acid, this ultralight gel has a light feeling but a deeply nourishing and balancing power. It is also recommended if you live in a polluted area and/or don’t get much chance to spend time outside. 

If your issue is dull, pigmented skin, your product is the Lightening Gel. This light yet deeply hydrating formula features kojic acid, a powerful melanin inhibitor and amazing depigmenting agent, vitamin C to brighten and gently exfoliate, and jojoba oil to revitalize and prevent fine lines. 

Finally, for more mature skins, Ioxel laboratory created the Deep Oxygenizing Anti-Aging Gel, a richer gel that adds argan oil, vitamin C, vitamin E and retinol to the ionized oxygen formula, making this the best bet against skin ageing, collagen depletion and elasticity issues. 

To further complete the product range and create the perfect oxygen-savvy routine, a Deep Oxygenizing Cleansing Water has recently been added. 

The perfect Oxygen Beauty Routine would include cleaning with Deep Oxygenizing Cleansing Water and one or two pumps of your gel of choice. Combining two gels is also possible to potentiate the effects and cover multiple skin issues. For instance, if you are looking for a stronger oxygenation effect, combining the Deep Oxygenizing and the Anti-Aging gel would be the optimum, while the Lightening gel and the Anti-Aging gel would work best for more mature skin with pigmentation issues. 

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