Staying healthy on holiday can be tricky. But a healthy holiday in Sydney is easy, from the moment you get off the plane it is evident that this city is geared up for active bunnies everywhere. So that you fit right in, here’s what you should pack…

The beaches are so beautiful that you will want to take full advantage of them. Just about any swimsuit will do in Sydney, but you cannot go far wrong with Quiksilver – and a one piece is a wonderful way to look chic on the beach. Story One Pice, Quiksilver, in the sale at www.quiksilver.com


Protect your eyes with Rayban New Wayfarers, Available in a range of colours at www.ray-ban.com


Look stylish on the move with your Foxglove Pink Mini Leopard Print Bag, £85, www.mulberry.com


Sydney’s beaches really are breathtaking and you will be wanting to spend as much time on them as possible… so make sure you have something to play with! FB Frescobol Beach Bats, £110, www.beachcafe.com


Running is one of the local’s favourite pass times in Sydney and you will not seem even the slightest bit out of place here in full running gear. We recommend going for a jog in the Botanical Gardens before breakfast. GEL-DS SKY SPEED 2, Asics, £92, www.asics.co.uk