Autumn truly is in the air! Here at Hip & Healthy, we like to embrace each season with some new changes and new ways of staying healthy and happy. For instance, a new workout wardrobe is a must! It’s time to put those running shorts you’ve been adorning all summer away and get inspired by the autumnal activewear trends! Another way of embracing this awesome season is to take a look at what you’re eating. We always look forward to hearty soups and comforting foods that make us feel all snuggly, but what foods are in season and how can we incorporate them into our lifestyle? Find out below!

These little dark gems of goodness will make on-the-go snacking perfectly delicious and nourishing. Loaded with fibre (great for your digestive tract) and loaded with skin-beautifying antioxidants, you can’t really go wrong! Need a tasty blackberry recipe idea? Try our dairy, sugar and wheat free Plum, Blackberry And Apple Crumble!

Tis definitely the season for pumpkin! We couldn’t imagine autumn without it! Their distinctive orange colour indicates they are extremely rich in Beta-Carotene, which is a plant carotenoid that gets converted into Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is great for glowing skin, strong eyesight and helps support our immune system… Be gone wintery colds!

Butternut Squash
Practically the base behind every warming autumnal soup, butternut squash creates the best creamy texture without the need for dairy, perfect for people who can’t tolerate lactose. Also, like blackberries, they are full of fibre and have good sources of magnesium and iron to help boost your energy levels too. Give our “soup-er” Red Pepper And Butternut Squash soup recipe a go this week!

Mothers-to-be can benefit hugely from the odd dose of beetroot as it’s a brilliant source of folic acid which is super important for your growing baby’s spinal cord development. Studies have also shown it can help prevent conditions such as spina bifida (a congenital disorder where the baby spinal cord does not form completely). Not only that, it’s super iron content helps with increasing energy levels and is especially good for people who suffer from anaemia.

This crunchy and slightly sweet vegetable is perfect to add to your diet this season as it’s a surprisingly good source of Vitamin C. This important, water-soluble vitamin helps to neutralise free radicals in your body’s environment and gives your immune system an extra helping hand (which we could all do with this time of the year!) Fennel makes a great cuppa’ tea and really helps with soothing the digestive system after a heavy meal.