B-Corp certification, also known as “Certified B Corporation” certification, is a designation granted to businesses that meet certain social and environmental standards. B-Corps, short for Benefit Corporations, are companies that are committed to operating in a manner that benefits society and the environment, in addition to pursuing profitability. The certification is administered by the non-profit organization B Lab. 

To obtain B-Corp certification, brands need to undergo a rigorous assessment and meet specific criteria. Here are the general steps involved in the certification process: 

1. Initial Assessment: The first step is for the brand to complete an initial assessment known as the B Impact Assessment (BIA). This assessment evaluates the brand’s performance across various areas such as governance, workers, community impact, environmental practices, and more. It assesses both the brand’s current practices and its long-term commitment to positive impact. 

2. Verification: Once the brand completes the BIA, the assessment is reviewed by B Lab. B Lab’s team of experts verifies the information provided, conducts further evaluation if necessary, and ensures compliance with the B-Corp standards. This step may involve additional documentation or clarification from the brand. 

3. Improvement and Documentation: If any gaps or areas for improvement are identified during the verification process, the brand is given an opportunity to address those concerns. B Lab provides guidance and resources to help brands enhance their practices and documentation. The brand may need to make changes to align with the B-Corp standards. 

4. Legal Requirement: In addition to meeting the performance requirements, some jurisdictions may require brands to legally adopt the benefit corporation structure or similar legal frameworks. This structure legally obligates the brand to consider the impact of its decisions on multiple stakeholders, including employees, the community, and the environment. 

5. Final Certification: Once the brand successfully completes the assessment, verification, and any necessary improvements, it can be awarded B-Corp certification. The certification demonstrates the brand’s commitment to meeting rigorous social and environmental standards.

It’s worth noting that B-Corp certification is voluntary and goes beyond traditional corporate social responsibility. It serves as an assurance to consumers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders that a brand is committed to using business as a force for good. Want to know some of our favourite wellness brands that have obtained B-Corp status? Here are just a few we love…

Pukka Herbs: Pukka Herbs is a herbal tea and supplement company known for its organic and ethically sourced products. They prioritize sustainability, fair trade, and social responsibility. Pukka Herbs became a certified B-Corp in 2017.

NEOM Organics: One of our go-to brands for scenting the home, Neom’s therapeutic rituals aim to help combat stress, improve sleep and spark energy and joy through the power of aromatic herbs and essential oils.

By Sarah: Led by scientific research and made in the UK, By Sarah London skincare is made with the primary aim of supporting the skin’s microbiome and overall skin health.

Daylesford Organic & Bamford: From homewares to groceries, Daylesford prides itself on championing natural and sustainable materials and leading the way on organic methods of farming. Bamford, their sister company encompasses this ethos with their skincare and beauty products too.

Ancient + Brave: Ancient + Brave is a high-integrity global wellness brand committed to creating food and supplements with sustainability, purity and potency at the heart of all they do. Their award-winning range is designed to help you think, feel and look your best.

Organix: Organix is a purpose-driven children’s food brand, founded in 1992 with a clear mission to ensure healthy nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. Since then, Organix has led the way in delicious, healthier food choices that little ones love and parents can rely on

BYBI Beauty: BYBI Beauty is a skincare brand from London. They believe that every skin can glow and their mission is to make beauty easy and responsible. Retailed internationally with the likes of Target, Sephora, Holland & Barrett and Boots, BYBI is known for efficacious, natural formulas and a revolutionary low-carbon supply chain.

Mindful Chef: Mindful Chef makes healthy eating easy. A recipe box company that delivers nutritionally balanced recipes using brilliant ingredients from ethical suppliers to your door, and drives down their impact from farm to fork every step of the way.

Mr & Mrs Smith: Mr & Mrs Smith is the travel club for hotel lovers: an award-winning boutique-hotel booking service specialising in the world’s most seductive stays. Mr & Mrs Smith has intensified its sustainability efforts and has worked closely with two long-term conservation partners, Blue Marine Foundation and the World Land Trust to help fund their extensive regeneration projects.

Rituals: Rituals Cosmetics is a brand dedicated to sustainable and personal wellbeing in the beauty luxury industry. As a foremost founder of integrating bath, body and home care into a single portfolio, Rituals embraces the lifestyle of transforming everyday routines into more meaningful moments.

Overall, B-Corp certification provides a framework and recognition for brands that strive to balance profit with purpose, promoting a more sustainable and inclusive business model.