I recently had the pleasure of visiting Finland and was delighted by the blissful surroundings of nature. Being immersed in the Finnish lifestyle, I was surrounded by breathtaking scenery and got the opportunity to practice daily health rituals that Fins swear by for maintaining their wellbeing. From sauna sessions to lake swimming, I also enjoyed nutrient-dense meals made from ingredients that had been freshly picked from the local forest. There’s a reason why Finland is known as the happiest place to live and I’m starting to see why!

As someone who struggles with breakouts and skin irritation in times of stress, I immediately felt a sense of calm and relief when I arrived in Finland. The vast amounts of greenery and fresh air that this country is so well known for was instantly relaxing and I knew I wanted to bottle the feeling to take home with me. This is where Forest Spa Finland comes in. I’ve claimed this Nordic wellness brand as my ‘Finland in a bottle’ and here’s why. 

When Finland invited me out to the Forest Spa Finland motherland, I was excited to discover how Fins live and why nature is intrinsically linked to their wellbeing. Forest Spa Finland’s ethos is to encapsulate this into a selection of beauty and lifestyle products to give people a little slice of Finland from wherever they are in the world. With this in mind, they’ve gone about creating natural, adaptogen-based formulas with the intention to support skin health from the inside and out. Looking through an internal health lens, they use nutrients that support the gut microbiome, boost vitamins and minerals for immune support whilst targeting the impacts of stress on the skin. Topically, their Nordic Adaptogen Serum has been formulated to lock in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that soothe and protect all skin types. Whilst also firming, nourishing and brightening skin and combating stressors seen in conditions such as acne. Efficacy and quality are equally just as important to Forest Spa Finland. Their mission was to not only utilise some of mother nature’s finest, most powerful ingredients but to make sure they were expertly extracted from source to offer the highest potency and absorbability. This epitomises the Finnish ethos, they seek out the best quality in everything they do and these products mirror that.

As a nutritional therapist, I’m passionate about skincare starting from the inside and focusing on the nutrients that we include in our diet in order to promote a clear and healthy complexion. During my trip, I was delighted by dietary choices that, without consciousness, support all aspects of the skin. We are familiar with the Finnish love of fresh fish, which I enjoyed daily, especially knowing that the fish had been sourced directly from the lake near my cosy cabin. A diet abundant in fish is known to support omega 3 status, an essential nutrient for skin health but their skin-loving diet didn’t stop there.

In the summer Fins harvest fresh, wild berries (think blueberries, bilberries and cloudberries) and turn them into mouth-watering Rye Topped pies that last the whole year round. Not only do they provide the body with antioxidants and fibre, they taste incredible too and I enjoyed multiple servings during my visit! In the Autumn, Fins spend time harvesting wild mushrooms which they use in miso soups and other recipes to support their digestive health and provide the body with a dose of natural collagen to support skin elasticity. Paired with nettle-infused side plates which support detoxification, I’m learning so much about how Nordic countries utilise eating with the seasons to boost health.

Forest Spa Finland’s Nordic Adaptogen Supplement really leans on the principles of the Finnish diet, with ingredients such as Chaga Mushroom, Wild Bilberry and Pine Bark, all of which can be foraged. These ingredients are potent antioxidants, meaning that they combat the stress within our body which, if not kept under control, can manifest as skin complaints such as eczema, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Now being back at home, I feel this supplement has perfectly encapsulated the antioxidant-rich diet of the Fins and is sure to be helping me combat city living.

Speaking of city living, pollution levels in many urban areas can have such an impact on the appearance of our skin. Working topically is something I really love to do, especially if we can use it as a mindful practice and act of self-love at the same time.

City pollution levels are increasing all the time, destroying our important skin barrier whilst also clogging our pores and increasing inflammation. Fins are incredibly passionate about preserving nature and biodiversity… after all, 75% of Finnish land is made up of greenery, trees and forest. The pure air Fins are blessed with also help to oxygenate the skin, keeping it soft and supple with little to no air pollution to clog pores and cause inflammation. When standing in the forest, surrounded by the aroma of fresh pine, birch, hazel and linden trees, the fresh air allowed me to immerse all of my senses in the green surroundings. During my visit to Finland, I spent a lot of time grounding myself in nature, which isn’t so easy to do living in a big city like London. Whether this was by eating meals outdoors or taking part in nature meditations, paying close attention to your senses are all important aspects of calming the nervous system. This is reflected in the aroma of the Nordic Adaptogen Serum that is applied topically to the complexion. Upon deep inhalation, I feel calm and instantly grounded whilst massaging it into my skin and for a brief moment, I am transported back to my Finnish cabin.

Many elements of nature have been infused into the ingredients to give benefits to the skin. An elixir of Cloudberry and Seabuckthorn oil (one of my favourite inflammatory acne ingredients) along with natural AHA’s help to smooth lines and texture. Rather than mixing the ingredients in water, the base of the product is Birch Sap, which is a beautiful tree that epitomises the wild Finnish landscape.

So if you’re looking to bring a daily dose of Finnish lifestyle into your health and wellbeing routines, allow Forest Spa Finland to transport you there.

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