Fighting Food Waste
We’re going to kick this off with a few facts; did you know that almost 50% of the total amount of food thrown away in the UK comes from our own homes. We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year and what’s more we could have eaten more than half of this. So whilst we are predicting that fighting food waste is going to be a big trend this year – it is also a very necessary one! Chef, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall started his war on waste by challenging the supermarkets to drastically reduce the amount of waste they generate, and whilst his campaign is amazing and must absolutely be supported – there is a lot more we could be doing at home, and we will be in 2017! We predict that we will see an increase in conversation around the topic from the major health and food bloggers out there, not to mention new ones popping up showing us how we could all be a bit savvier when it comes to buying and prepping our meals from scratch. But why not get ahead of the trend and start researching what you can be doing to help now.


Infrared Saunas
Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit infrared light, which is absorbed by the surface of the skin, and they are said to have a variety of health benefits such as easing pain, helping remove toxins (they make you sweat) and even healing ailments like arthritis. The Mayo Clinic reported that several studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems and found benefits. However, larger and more-rigorous studies are needed to confirm these results. In the meantime, they are popping up like mad all over the states having been a staple in Europe and Asia for years and we have a handful of the ‘pods’ here in London (Try Pur in Notting Hill) but we have word that more are on their way. Jennifer Anniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and even Vogue are all fans.


Dry Dinner Parties
Finally – it is not only socially acceptable not to drink at parties but the norm as more and more people are swapping their booze fueled Friday nights for sober social gatherings. Everyone seems to have come round to the idea that when they wake up on their weekend they actually want to enjoy it and not sleep through the entire thing. Following on from the morning sober rave trend, dry dinner parties are a way for everyone to get together, eat good food, have tons of fun and go home feeling great too. Why not try hosting your own, after all if there was ever a time to experiment with this trend its Dry January.


Athleisure at Work
As activewear manages to work its way into the wardrobe of women everywhere, it is more and more becoming the choice of style for everyone, in every situation. This is because not only is it super confortable to wear, but the technology surrounding activewear fabric and designs mean that it works with your body in the best way possible so that you don’t have to worry about being to hot or cold. We know that it is stylish (and if we didn’t know that, the fact that everyone from top designers such as Mara Hoffman, Tory Burch and Charlotte Olympia to top celebrity royalty, such as Beyonce and Rhianon have their own collections, confirms it). It is also getting increasingly smart which makes it office-wear acceptable. People are living more active lives but are also finding that they have less time so they want their kit to take them from work to workout seamlessly. And so brands have been answering their prayers with lifestyle pieces that perform both in and out of the office.


Clean Beauty
Now that we are much more aware that what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it, clean beauty has become a hot topic amongst health and beauty bloggers. But long gone are the days when organic beauty brands are associated with hemp wearing hippies and little else. With a surge of luxury natural brands such as Aurelia, Oskia, Neom and De Mamiel entering the market in the past few years the market of natural skincare has completely changed. Now, clean beauty is not only results driven but also comes in beautiful packaging and is great for both you and the environment. What’s not to love?


Over the past few years we’ve seen a huge increase in just about every sport from Boxing to Spinning, Cardio to CrossFit, apart from swimming. That was until now. 2017 is the year of the fish, well actually its not, it’s the year of the Rooster, but it should be the year of the fish because swimming clubs and aqua related sports are going to be creating major waves in the sports industry this year. Olympic athlete, Keri-anne Payne (@kerianne_payne) says

“Swimming is a great form of exercise for anyone of any ability! The non weight baring nature of the water means it’s easy on the joints. Don’t be fooled though, swimming is a full body workout especially for the core – to keep your body gliding on top of the water your using every muscle in your body. Swimming also has a great effect on your mood and gives your brain chance to switch off. Swimming boosts the endorphins that increase the feelings of wellbeing”


Hygge is a term that starting trending in 2016 but its popularity is set to continue this year. Hygge is a Danish word that gives the feeling of joy and pleasure from making ordinary, normal moments more meaningful and special. For example having a cup of tea, many see this as a very ordinary daily activity but to create ‘hygge’ through making a cup of tea will entail using your favourite mug, sourcing natural tea that is good for you, brewing it to perfection, then sitting in the most comfy place in the house and really enjoying the cup of tea. This may seem like too much effort for those with hectic lives who count themselves lucky if they manage to grab a quick coffee on the run but hygge can be expressed in lots of different ways. Having a small get together with friends and cooking wholesome, comfort food and simply sharing stories and memories can give you an amazing sense of happiness and joy. There is not one English word to describe Hygge, it is a combination of cosiness, happiness, comfort, security, reassurance and simpleness. It is about living every moment of your life to the fullest and taking nothing for granted. It is really something people with a mad, hectic lifestyle should consider to appreciate everything in life, the Danes strongly believe in this way of living and it sounds like the best way to get the most out of life!


Sound Baths
The new form of meditation! Gone are the days of quiet, peaceful meditation. Sound baths use therapeutic instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls and gongs to stimulate the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies. You will experience light meditation to deep relaxation through the vibratory healing frequencies and drift off where the sound takes you. Many people prefer this way of meditation as apposed to silent meditation as your mind is more likely to wander off and start thinking about your to do list or what you’re going to make for dinner this evening. A sound bath allows you to focus only on the music and zone out to the rhythms and sounds, it is used to heal the mind, body and soul as well as releasing stress and worries. Sound baths are becoming vastly popular and are popping up all across London. Otto Sound Therapy in Waterloo and Sound Awakening in Stoke Newington run Sound bath workshop, they both also run Cacao Gong Ceremony’s, a variation of a Sound Bath with a delicious twist!


Healthy Holidays
Healthy living is a way of life for many of us and the idea of going on holiday to party and intoxicate ourselves for a week seems more like a nightmare than a holiday. More and more people are booking healthy holidays that fit in well with their love of leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle, where you can focus on not only having an fun holiday, but actually continue your healthy habits like eating well and working out. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting you go on a mountain biking trip or a hiking expedition. There are plenty of amazing holiday experiences in beautiful destinations that involve eating delicious and nutritious food, exercise classes, beauty treatments, yoga sessions along with the well loved holiday traditions, a wonderful pool with sun beds and lots of time for relaxing. In Spa retreats are a company to check out, they have retreats in Marrakesh, Southern France and Mallorca. Their retreats include daily group fitness classes, healthy juice boosters and healthy snacks, gourmet cleansing / detox cuisine meals, deep tissue sports massages and constant access to expert advice. Each location is decorated so beautifully in an amazing villa with luxurious rooms, terraces, a swimming pool and al fresco dining. For a winter holiday, try the Pop-Up Fitness Ultimate Luxury Fitness retreat in the Bernese Alps. This is a ski trip without the usual guilt of over-indulgence. There are daily bootcamps, cardio workouts and HIIT training classes, nutrition guidance and alpine adventures. All food served is free from gluten dairy, refined sugar. We’re converts!


Adaptogens, which can be can be found in a wide variety of plants, increase the body’s ability to deal with stressors such as anxiety, fatigue, or trauma. Adaptogens are used to help prevent overtaxing the body’s energetic resources, and help counter aging and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Commonly used adaptogens include;

–       Ginseng

–       Amla

–       Ashwaganda

–       Astragalus

–       Chaga mushroom

–       Cordyceps

–       Dang Shen

–       Eleuthero

–       Holy basil

–       Guduchi

–       He Shou Wu

–       Licorice

–       Maca

–       Rhodiola


Adaptogens are thought to facilitate a return to homeostasis, helping to balance the body, normalising hyperfunctioning or hypofunctioning systems in the body. A good example would be the way adaptogens help balance our endocrine and immune system.

Adaptogens produce a response that enables our bodies to cope with stress by normalising the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. This consists of an intricate system of direct and indirect feedback mechanisms that regulates the body’s stress reaction. So get that Maca smoothie down you!