Doesn’t it feel like a million years ago when “quinoa” was this unheard of super grain that everyone started going crazy for? Now, it’s commonplace to see quinoa salads in the likes of Marks & Spencers and Pret! Next came the chia seed, now a staple in many people’s pantries for smoothies and overnight breakfast pots. Then along came athleisure. It marched its way into our wardrobes and kicked out the old boyfriend t-shirt and sweatpants we used to work out it. Meditation definitely made a name for itself last year. We know that trend is here to stay with the number of benefits it gives our bodies, mentally and physically. 2018 was the year of the gut, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi are now regulars on our supermarket list. What are the wellness trends for 2019? Read on to find out more.


Slow living
Stress has become an epidemic and we predict 2019 to be the year that people truly understand just how detrimental it can be for their wellbeing. The expectations and demands we put on our bodies are greater than ever before and for the good of our health, we need to learn to slow down the pace sometimes. Stress is always going to be a part of our lives. It’s absolutely unavoidable but in excess, your mental, as well as your physical health, will be compromised. Make 2019 the year you slow down and make time to properly look after your body. Look to the root cause of your stress, instead of masking the symptoms. If you’re already on the health bandwagon, then treat stress how you would sugar. We are all aware sugar is pretty terrible for our bodies so we are conscious about how much of it we eat and know the consequences if we do. It’s bringing awareness to your stress. That’s a great place to start and then build ways to manage it. Like we said above, meditation is here to stay and it’s a great practice to put in place to help you slow down your thoughts and reconnect with yourself if you’ve been rushed off your feet at work. We live in world of instant gratification and expect everything to happen at the speed of light. This needs to change. We need to re-discover the art of patience and let go of the need to rush every aspect of our lives. Let this year be the year of slow living.


Conscious spending
The end of 2018 definitely shed massive light on our environmental impact. This will most definitely carry through to 2019 (we hope) and a big trend we predict is more conscious spending. Throw away fashion is so incredibly bad for the planet in many ways so sustainable fashion brands will definitely feature more on our Instagram feeds this year. Rather than getting loads of items for cheap and ultimately throwing them away after a couple of wears, we need to perhaps invest more in our clothing and take time over what pieces will stand the test of time. Waste is a massive problem so spending your money more consciously will not only save you ££ but reduce the amount you throw out in the future. The same goes for your food. Instead of always buying out of convenience, make the effort to walk the extra half a mile/mile to your local greengrocers, and stock up on your weekly veg that isn’t wrapped head to toe in plastic. At the end of the day, it’s your money and you have the power to spend it more consciously.


We predict spirituality will be a huge wellness trend and become more mainstream in 2019. It ultimately boils down to reconnecting with yourself and re-tuning your mind to a more positive, well state. Nurturing your spirit and soul might have once sounded kookie and weird but we should all be placing far more importance on how we think of ourselves rather than how others think of us. Embracing spirituality into your life will give you a greater sense of purpose and peace and will undoubtedly improve your relationships in your life. Spirituality is a journey of self-discovery and results don’t happen overnight. But through self-improvement practices like meditation, yoga etc you’ll begin to uncover your true sense of self.


Alternative therapies (gong baths, sound healing, breathwork etc)
The human body is a very complex thing and there is still so much to learn about it. We hope 2019 will be the year people choose alternative therapies as a way to deal with more minor health ailments and even mental trauma. Don’t get us wrong, modern medicine is incredibly important and saves many lives on a daily basis, but we predict people will turn to alternative therapies such as sound healing and breathwork to compliment more traditional western treatments and medication. Breathwork is a very recent discovery for us and it’s an incredibly powerful therapy. Read our article, Is Breathwork The Next Big Thing In Wellness? if you’re interested in discovering more about it.

words by Molly Jennings