Asoni Haus, a bespoke Luxury Lifestyle Management agency, manages the lifestyle requests of some of the world’s most elite individuals on a day to day basis. With the word ‘no’ not being an option for their clients, they lift the lid to tell us how they have tackled some of the weird and wonderful health and fitness requests they have received…

“I need to loose ten pounds in 2 days for a red carpet event, Dahrrrling”
After carefully consulting a few leading medical experts we found the safest method, which focused more on reducing water retention, increasing the metabolism and reducing bloatedness. So there was a combination of Colonic Hydrotherapy, Epsom Salt therapy, consulting with a leading nutritionist and consulting with a Functional medicine Doctor who was able to provide us with a better understanding of the clients body functionality and what course of treatments would be the safest and most effective in the shortest period of time. This left the client 8 pounds lighter and she was able to slide herself, very easily I might add, into a stunning red carpet ready gown.

“Babes, sort me out with some leeches, yes LEECHES, I want to detox”
Leech therapy is known to detoxify the blood and support many other ailments. Our member requested that we provide him with leeches to conduct Leech therapy by himself in his home. This is something that to our knowledge cannot be self administered and also a treatment common to the US and Austria, so we had to do a little digging to find a leech expert, who had conducted this treatment before and was able to facilitate this request in the clients home… with the clients permission of course.  The client was extremely grateful that we had advised him to have an expert to administer the treatment. Safe to say we won’t be trying the treatment anytime soon, but the client said he was fully detoxified! Phew.

“Apparently snails are doing wonders for anti-ageing – can you get me some slime for my face?”
A member requested a snail slime facial treatment only available in Tokyo. We received a call from a client who had read about this revolutionary anti-ageing treatment in the form of live snails being applied to the face, once on the face the snail’s excrete slime which had been deemed anti-ageing. She wanted to try this treatment for herself. Oh – and one other thing – the treatment is only available in Tokyo. We had to fly a practitioner from Tokyo along with the snails to conduct the treatment. Needless to say it was a very expensive exercise but she was happy with the results.

“I want my very own Bikram studio… please”
We have a member who is obsessed with holistic health and wellbeing and spends pretty much every day attending Bikram Yoga classes. But decided she wanted to elevate the experience by having a studio built in her home, along with a private Bikram Yoga teacher. Setting up the studio wasn’t the problem. It was doing it to the design aesthetic and within the allotted timeframe that proved challenging.  We initially had the space cleansed and balanced then began constructing the studio. We had contractors working pretty much 24 hours a day in order to finish the job on time. While we spent days interviewing potential Bikram Yoga teachers to find the perfect skill set and personality match with our member.