It is the Bank Holiday Monday of Easter weekend. You are probably on the downward slope of a sugar rush. You have probably overdone it on the chocolate yesterday. And you probably never want to see another Easter egg again. You are not alone. But today is another day so it’s time to kickstart the healthy eating again. Here we give you a few tips on how to do just that:

Start the day with a smoothie

Starting the day with a smoothie is a great way to fill your body with wonderfully nutritious things and get it off to the best possible start. It will also fill you up – providing you make it substantial enough. You can do this by adding seeds and nuts like flax seeds or cashew nuts. We have a range of recipes on the site (just check out the food section). But for our all time favourite smoothie recipe that really packs a punch, try our Superfood Smoothie Recipe. You can watch the video here or check out the written recipe here.

Say sayonara to sugar

We think of sugar as a legal drug. It makes us sad, sick and overweight. And the cruelest thing about sugar is that it is addictive, so once you pop you just can’t stop. It’s best to cut out sugar altogether as that way your body starts to get use to living without it and no longer craves it. You will also find that other things such as berries and bananas will start to taste really sweet. Cutting out sugar certainly does not mean that you can’t have sweet treats. We have a range of delicious recipes for yummy things in the food part section of our website.

Fill your plate with vegetables

This is a given. If you want to get back on the health wagon – vegetables are the tool to take you there. We are huge fans of dark leafy greens. Try and get them in at every meal by adding things like kale, watercress and spinach to salads, stews, even smoothies. Make sure that most of your meal is made up with wonderful vegetables.

Do your exercise in the morning

By kickstarting your day with a little exercise, not only will you start the day as you mean to go on, but you will also increase the rate at which your metabolism burns for the rest of the day, meaning that the food you eat will be burnt up more efficiently. Also, once you have done your exercise in the morning, you have done it. You don’t have to spend all day dreading it, or working out which excuse you can use to get out of it. Just do it. Feel empowered. And spend the rest of the day feeling as great as you will look.

Eat raw

We are just coming off the back of a really cold spell weather wise, and when the weather is cold we just don’t want to eat cold food. But I have it on good authority (thanks BBC) that Spring is on its way. So it is time to start eating food that hasn’t had most of the nutrients cooked out of it. Although a totally raw food diet has its benefits, we aren’t suggesting that you go completely raw, just try to have at least one raw food meal a day. That way you’ll be getting the most out of all the vegetables you are consuming.

Make your workout fun

Instead of hitting the gym or pounding the pavement all week, try doing something a little bit different at least one day to raise your heart rate this week. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Rollerskating: Why not sign up for the Roller Disco (www.rollerdisco.com).
Skipping: Its a great way to burn calories – you can burn up to 135 in just ten minutes.
Hiking: Take in the countryside, connect with nature, get fit. Its a win win all round.
Dancing: Who doesn’t love to dance. Next time you are in da club – let rip.
Jumping: Find yourself on a trampoline, bounce away. Its great for legs and your core.