Can you believe it’s November already? Gone are the days of hot and crowded tube journeys and SULA’s…. (Sweaty Upper Lip Alerts!) We are now facing a different set of annoyances like frosty morning ear ache and not-wanting-to-venture-out-of-the-cosy-house syndrome. All of which are not very conducive to keeping active. But there is a cure! A sportswear overhaul! Knowing you have a few winter-warming pieces in your workout wardrobe really helps with lack of motivation to exercise during the winter months. So, here are our tops picks to get you through your winter workouts:

winter wardrobe

Sweaty Betty, Expedition Neck Gaitor, £22
Protecting your neck from the icy air whilst on your morning run with this super-chic neck warmer is a great way to protect yourself from catching a chill and it’s easy to whip off when you start warming up.

HPE, UV-Stretch Jacket, £95
This is the perfect companion to your winter workout wardrobe. Not only does it look super stylish but it’s wicking fabric will draw any sweat (and you will sweat) away from the skin preventing you from feeling colder. Plus it has hidden thumb holes for cole mitts.

Lululemon, Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Paisley, £68
This gorgeous thermal top is so effective for keeping you warm. Layer it under your running jacket for extra cosiness.

Nike, Thermal Woman’s Running Gloves, £25
Keep your extremities warm with these sophisticated running gloves. There’s nothing worse than having blocks of ice for hands!

Gym Luxe, Luxe Drape Jacket, £79.99
This is the perfect warm-up jacket for those first few minutes in yoga class when you’re not quite thawed through to bare any skin!

Lorna Jane, Joy Core Compression Tight, £63
These compression tights are great as they boost circulation and blood flow through your legs. Whether you’re running or taking part in a booty-busting barre class!