I used to associate the word “supplement” with tubs of manly, muscle building whey proteins that had a guys perfectly waxed torso plastered on the front. It means something totally different to me now. To me, it means nourishing your body and giving yourself that extra boost, totally naturally. No un-pronounceable ingredients allowed! So this week, Hip & Healthy want to tell you about four brilliant food supplements that, along with a healthy lifestyle, will help make you feel beautiful, inside and out!

Spirulina is a vibrant, green-blue algae that has been living on our planet for 3.6 billion years! It contains an arsenal of nutrients that nourish the body. Benefits – The beta-carotene and iron help strengthen and support the immune system, while the chlorophyll aids in alkalising your body for a better digestive system. Spirulina is also rich in easily digestible protein (60-70%), and is four times more absorbable than the protein in beef. Research also suggests that spirulina can help cleanse the liver… a big yes if you fancy taking part in a detox. For an extra green boost, try adding a teaspoon in to your favourite green smoothie!
Our Favourite Brand: Viridian (http://www.viridian-nutrition.com/Shop/Organic-Spirulina-500mg-tablets-P597.aspx)

Maca is a root vegetable which grows at a very high altitude in the Andes mountains of Peru. This caramel tasting powder helps improve strength and stamina, and unlike coffee, offers energy in a non-caffeinated way that supports the body. Also, Maca is an Adaptogen, a plant that has been know to help decrease cellular sensitivity to stress. As well as containing an abundance of minerals, enzymes and vitamins, Maca also contains substantial amounts of calcium, a great factor if you suffer from a dairy intolerance. Add 1 teaspoon to your morning porridge or smoothie for a natural energy boost.
Our Favourite Brand: BonPom (http://www.bonpom.com/products.html)

This very well known superfood is pretty awesome. Here’s why…Wheatgrass is extremely high in chlorophyll, reducing over-acidity in the blood. Research shows that it can also treat gastrointestinal problems like ulcers which form when there is excess acid in our stomachs. A pretty cool fact for you here, Just 1 teaspoon weighing a tiny 3.5 grams, is nutritionally equal to 50 grams of spinach! Small but mighty! Wheatgrass also stimulates the metabolism, so its the perfect pre-workout supplement. The classic way to take Wheatgrass is in the form of a bright green shot! 1 teaspoon in a splash of water should do the trick!
Our Favourite Brand: Naturya (http://www.naturya.com/products/wheatgrass-powder_)

Baobab is a fruit that originates in Africa. One of the many amazing benefits of this superfood is its’  fibre content. Baobab is almost 50% fibre! Besides fibre helping to achieve a flat tummy, it also promotes good digestive health, which in turn, promotes healthy skin. Not only this, Baobab happens to be one of the highest ranking fruit in the antioxidant section! With almost 5 times the antioxidant capacity of acai berries and 6 times the vitamin C of an orange, it’s immensely powerful at stimulating collagen production and helps fight free radicals. Baobab packs a punch! With its’ sweet, berry flavour, add 1 teaspoon to any fruity smoothie of your choice!
Our Favourite Brand: Organic Burst (http://www.organicburst.com/baobab/)

Words by Molly Jennings