If you do one thing this week… Do a mini detox


As Christmas draws ever nearer we tend to throw caution to wind as far as our diet is concerned. This not only increases our weight (over the Christmas period it is understood that 74% of woman put on half a stone), but it also overloads our body with toxins as many of the foods we are indulging in are processed, fatty, sugary and, as far as we are concerned, full of empty calories.

An overloaded liver (as this is where the toxins are expelled) is linked to cellulite, weight gain around the tummy area and bloating. So rid yourself of the toxins and support your liver by following our detox guidelines and you are looking at having your healthiest winter yet.

The Detox Rules…

Don’t Eat Anything Your Grandmother Wouldn’t Recognise
Always check the ingredients list – if there is something on there that you find hard to pronounce or doesn’t sound like a real food. These are especially prevalent in highly processed foods, which leads me to my next point…

Cut Out Processed Foods
They contain high levels of sugar and salt as well as all kinds of chemicals. They slow your metabolism down as your body has to work harder to digest them and they hardly contain any nutritional value. Get rid.

Eat Goods Fats
Good fats are vital for healthy heart, mind, body and hair. Eat lots of lovely oily fish and nuts and seeds to boost your intake of omegas. Also try adding an omega-filled oil to your meals. We love Neal’s Yards version as it tastes great in smoothies, on salads or even porridge.

Banish Stimulants
This includes coffee, tea, alcohol and sugar. If you smoke – now is the time to give up. All these things flood your body with horrible toxins that take a while to get rid of. In fact, when you cut out these things you will start to experience withdrawal symptoms such as head aches, low energy and sometimes even bloating. Work through it.

Up Your Exercise
Exercise boosts the lymphatic system, which helps the body rid itself of waste. It also releases feel good endorphins and you may even find wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle when you exercise more.

Support with Supplements
Assist your mini detox with some supplements. We suggest taking a good multivitamin, vitamin C, and milk thistle tincture which all work to support the liver and keep illnesses at bay.