The amazing benefits of Dry Brushing

Your skin is your largest and most important organ. Detoxification of the body is performed by a number of different organs, glands and transportation systems. The skin is responsible for one-quarter of your body’s detoxification. Dry Brushing helps detoxify the skin and the lymphatic system due to its external and internal massage. It stimulates the lymphatic system, liver and adrenals, helping clear out the build up of toxins.

8 Reasons to start Dry Brushing

1. It removes stubborn cellulite

2. Strengthens your immune system

3. Cleanses your lymphatic system

4. Removes your dead dull skin

5. Tightens your skin preventing premature ageing

6. Increases your cell renewal

7. Helps your digestion

8. Tones your muscles, creating a beautiful sleek physique


How to Dry Brush

It is very simple.

  • Use a soft dry brush made of natural fibres.
  • Brush your skin before a shower or bath on dry skin.
  • Brush from toe to head.
  • Use long strokes moving upwards towards the heart, as this helps the lymph fluid drain back towards the heart.
  • Use lighter pressure of brushing around sensitive areas.
  • Wash your brush with soap every few weeks.
  • Dry brush areas of cellulite twice a day for 5minutes until it dissolves

words by Madeleine Shaw (www.madeleineshaw.com)