words by Molly Jennings

I think it’s a pretty well known fact that sugar is extremely detrimental to our health. It suppresses the immune system, causes inflammation and it is one of the main culprits behind the worldwide obesity epidemic. Some might say sugar has the same effect on our bodies as drugs. It’s super addictive and hard to give up.

“I’ll start on Monday” is probably the most famous saying when it comes to quitting sugar. But why is it by Friday we have our hands reaching in the cookie jar again? It boils down to the cravings that come with giving up sugar. Quitting the sweet stuff is risky business if you don’t know how to do it right. Common sugar withdrawal symptoms often include headaches, poor energy levels, depression and even flu-like symptoms. Here are some top tips to banish those sugar cravings for good!

Goodbye Sugar
First things first, you need to cut it out from your diet. Going cold turkey may seem daunting but its like getting over an ex boyfriend…if you keep reminding yourself of what it tastes like, it will be harder to quit! So clear out the cupboards and fridge of any sugary-like substances and throw them away! This is the first step in becoming sugar free.

Plan Ahead
It’s totally normal to get sugar cravings – we all go through them, but it’s how well prepared you are when you feel one coming that makes all the difference. You’re most vulnerable when you’re running late or your morning meeting ran through lunch and suddenly you’re starving. It’s those times when you’ll want to reach for a quick fix like a chocolate bar. The solution – spend Sunday evening prepping meals and snacks for the coming week. All you need is some Tupperware boxes and your good to go. Planning ahead is unbelievably important in banishing sugar cravings because most of the time you’re just hungry or thirsty.

Fats and Proteins
Healthy fats and proteins are every sugar-quitter’s most useful tool. Proteins stabilize our blood sugar levels, which help reduce sugar cravings. I suggest swapping your sugary yogurt (FYI low-fat is often the worst) or cereal for eggs (scrambled, poached…etc.) with some rye toast. Fats are also very satisfying and will help with cravings too. Nuts are great for times of desperate need when you’re surrounded by vending machines!! And for a seriously super breakfast add some avocado to your eggs and rye toast in the morning.

Cut Caffeine
Caffeine is notorious for having hazardous effects on our blood sugar levels, often causing it to drop dramatically after a cup of coffee. Your body then tries to compensate for this by asking you to have something sweet… and here come the sugar cravings. Instead an have organic decaf coffee or cup of herbal tea.

Eat Regularly
Eating little and often will keep your blood sugar levels stable, helping your body curb sugar cravings at every turn! We like to keep our drawer of sugar-free goodies topped up at all times to make sure that no one goes hungry in our office. Our faves include Nak’d bites, California Board Almonds, hummus and carrots, Nairns Oat Cakes and even OM Bar chocolate!

James Duigan swears by this.Taking supplements such as vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids help regulate mood, reduce inflammation and… you guessed it, curb sugar cravings. We love the Bodyism supplements, Viridian and Solgar!

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