Cloud Twelve’s newest treatment, dubbed ‘the holistic facelift’ will give your skin a new lease on life! The perfect balance between relaxation and ‘pain for gain’, this facial uses a mixture of unique techniques to naturally uplift the face. Their spa situated in a cosy mews in Notting Hill, could not be a more tranquil setting for this luxurious treatment. Designed according to the Feng Shui philosophy, the spa is fitted with a sauna, steam room and salt rooms, which provide an idyllic way to escape from the city and recharge your batteries. Hip & Healthy’s Creative Brand Assistant, Isabelle Shury, shares her verdict on this non-invasive facelift facial.

holistic facelift - cloud twelve

To kick off the Signature Holistic Facelift, a deep cleanse is done to rid the skin of any impurities, followed by a gentle exfoliation to target any blocked pores. After that, the fascia section of the treatment will begin and you will know about it! It might not be quite as relaxing as the cleanse and exfoliation but you can certainly sense it’s doing good!

Using small sliding motions on the bone structure of the face, the therapist will work her way around the cheekbones, brow bone and the jaw structure whilst incorporating some lymphatic drainage to remove any built-up toxins. Finishing off with a biphasic peel-off mask which reoxygenates and supercharges the skin (the peeling off part was very satisfying indeed!) my skin had never felt more plump and glowing. The best way I can describe this facial is uplifting and rejuvenating. It’s as if your skin has suddenly changed direction and instead of looking slightly droopy and dull, it’s like your facial features have been pulled back helping you to look more youthful. Along with achieving a bright and glowy appearance, this is the ultimate ‘look good, feel good’ facial.

We sat down with the mastermind behind the method, Svetlana Afanasevato talk all things fascia…

For those who don’t know, what is your fascia?
The fascia (pronounced fash-a) is an internal connective tissue layer which unites your skeleton, muscles and ligaments. It basically holds everything together and keeps your body aligned.

What are the key benefits of working your fascia?
Since the fascia connects all the anatomy structures together, working and taking care of it allows your body to work more effectively. Traditional massage techniques are good, but if the “under-layer” (your fascia) is tight, you’ll often still feel imbalanced. You’ve got to work the top and bottom layers of tissue structure to really feel and see the benefits. 

How can working our fascia change the appearance of our faces?
Over time, the features on your face move forward and down due to muscular tension, biomechanical levers of the body and gravity. Working with the fascia enables to uplift and return the facial tissue to its original position.

What age would you recommend people to start working the fascia in their face?
From the age you first think about using anti-aging skincare to any age you want to feel and look better!

Do you believe that ‘the holistic facelift’ could steer people away from cosmetic surgery?
Definitely, if a person can spend several minutes and a little effort daily to work with the facial structure or visit specialists in this field on a regular basis, they will definitely notice a difference. 

How often do you need to work your fascia in order to notice the benefits?
Benefits can be seen from the first treatment. To develop and support the success, it’s necessary to work 4-6 times a week for 10-20 minutes. Or you can spend the same time once or twice a week with professional treatment.

Svetlana Afanaseva, remedial gymnastics therapist and the creator of Fascia Engineering Method. The Fascia Facial Treatment is Available Exclusively to Cloud Twelve 90 minutes – £175 Click here to book

holistic facelift - cloud twelve