Body Machine is London’s newest aesthetic performance studio, designed by Founder, Frances Mikuriya who has a background in architecture as well a being a fitness professional, giving her full understanding of what makes an epic workout space. Positioned on High Street Kensington, Body Machine specialises in group TRX training and spinning. The TRX studio is filled with natural light from the high rise windows, designed to motivate you during your workout. For those who don’t know, TRX is suspension training that improves your strength, movement, and flexibility using nothing more than a pair of TRX straps, your body weight and gravity. Body Machine’s Spinaddikts class will test your cardiovascular fitness by training in multiple heart rate zones from aerobic to anaerobic to optimise your training potential. If you’re looking for specific athletic goals or you’re recovering from an injury, check out Body Machine’s one-to-one training studio. Kitted out with state of the art fitness equipment and instructors with expertise in all kinds of training types to suit your needs.

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